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Now when you think of working in the culinary field most people go directly down the one way street and the forever revolving doors of the restaurant business. Is it the only way?

I have taken a lot of time to myself to analyze my personality in the kitchen, it doesn’t take much to draw the line between what is work to you and what isn’t. There’s also a tipping point where that work turns into a burden. So is interest enough? In my case, for awhile I did not think so. I still don’t think working in a restaurant kitchen was for me, but what I didn’t look at was the possibility that it wasn’t the only direction. I have given it a shot though, and I have felt as a moth to a flame while being a server for awhile. I used to beg the chef to promote me all the time. It was a full male team, and he didn’t give me much of a chance. But there is a time and place for my inner feminist, and this is not the time, nor the place.

So what are other options?

Well, there are many! And there are good and bad sides to all of them, it’s just a matter of picking your poison and accepting the fact that their will indeed, always be poison. My love of cooking in a small kitchen has always been there. With Thanksgiving coming up, I have many memories of helping cook or interacting with my food. Did anyone else put black olives on their fingers and pretend they were an alien, only to delicately pluck one off each finger at a time? I was the reason my Grandmother would put them in their own bowl on the table. As I got older Thanksgiving got a little more mature, even though olives still fit so perfectly on my fingers! I would be my Uncles sous chef and sautée mushrooms, clean brussle sprouts, and even roast half of a beautiful butternut squash after basting it in my own made mixture of honey and whole grain mustard. Did I ever mention that I have a natural talent for making delicious sauces? I hope to expand on that more later. Those moments though were all new things to me, but I had fun, and they taught me so much; they were memorable too because they were such beautiful moments to me. I can’t have that with people from a restaurant kitchen I have no chance of connecting with people that way.

So where do you find the love in your cooking? It may be in that restaurant, or it may be in your own kitchen, or a food truck. We all need food to survive, but some of us need it to really live, how you accomplish that can be very diverse.

I came across Seattle chef Becky Selengut today on my usual trek across social media platforms I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my daily pit stop at also Seattle based ChefSteps, Just in case I haven’t you can click it to find out more! They always point me in a great direction with ideas, articles, recipes, and techniques! Today with the help of Becky, they taught me the difference between the “private” chef and the “personal” chef. That being the direction I am aiming for right now Becky’s article really hit it home for me so I will share that too, Here. With knowledge being so attainable from sources that are so reliable like ChefSteps, Salted, and even successful bloggers like Becky to inspire me. I’ve never felt more empowered as a home cook on a journey towards becoming a chef. They have provided me with the tools, and I would like to pass them on to you.

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