Feel Trapped At Work? 5 Signs That You Should Probably Look for a New Job

In any kind of work, there will be ups and downs and that’s NORMAL. The relationship with your job can be as complicated as the one with your spouse!

When there is an issue, we should always try to resolve it first rather than running away. But no matter how hard or how many times we try, there will be situations that can’t be resolved, there are also signs that can’t be denied — signs that you have to leave as soon as you can.

Here are 5 signs I’ve identified:

1. You have to force yourself to wake up every day or you just don’t want to wake up at all.

Your alarm rings and you keep snoozing it until it’s 10am. You don’t want to wake up, you are thinking of breaking your legs on the stairs rather than going to work. Sometimes this feeling is stronger than you, and you just stay in bed, or you even call in sick … It didn’t happen once or twice during the year(s), but all the time. Try to find a job that gives you the passion and strength to get up everyday, with a smile on your face.

But if you actually pushed yourself in the stairs to break your legs just to avoid work, note that this is not normal; this might be the time to consult a psychiatrist!

2. You actually get really sick thinking about going to work.

That’s a higher level of hate toward your job: at this point you should really stop, take care of yourself and leave your job with no hesitation. Life is too short to end up sick all the time, and nothing is worth losing your health.

3. You have some violent thoughts each time you see your boss.

— — — He is there, every morning you see his face, you hear his voice and it always has the same effect: you want to slap or punch your boss every time he is around.

— — — You imagine your boss standing in the middle of the room, and you and your colleagues dancing around with axes ready to hack him to pieces.

— — — During one to one meetings, you think you are Batman and he is the Joker, and you want to end this injustice your way!

Before you actually do any of these things, just leave before you end up in prison.

4. You stare all day at your computer and don’t really want to do anything else.

You have dozens of emails to reply to, a handful of tasks to achieve but the only thing you can do is stare at your computer. After a few clicks here and there, it’s 6.00pm, and you realize that you haven’t done anything or almost nothing, and you end up having 24 emails to respond to the day after. This is not about one bad month, this has happened already to you for the past few months!

Search for a new job and leave as soon as you can, before you become blind, get OCD and lose your mind.

5. Your significant other is threatening to leave you because you are just complaining and in a bad mood all the time.

You get up, you go to work and actually try to do real work. You store all the negativity inside you during working hours, and at the end of the day, you have got to blow it out, not caring whoever is there with you. You will get angry and speak to yourself in the car/metro/bus, then speak about it to your wife/husband/friends. Some of you won’t speak at all but the feeling will transcend the room and the consequences will be the same.

Everyone around you, yourself included, will be affected by those daily 8–12 hours of accumulated negativity. You will spend the hours you are forced to work hating your job and the other waking hours speaking of how much you hate it. People around you will end up feeling as bad as you do. In the long run, your life can literally change and not in a good way.

Find a better job and start being happy!

Lucile Bourgoin