New England Cowboy Rock!

The Mallett Brothers Band — by Jacquline Sidor

The Mallet Brothers Band is one of the finest, independent Texas rock bands in the country — by way of Portland, Maine!

The Mallett Brothers Band tour dates

Sat — 11/4 — The Main Pub

306 Main Street,

Manchester, CT

9:30 p.m.

$8 at the door

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Music runs through the blood of brothers Luke and Will Mallett. Their father is famed folksinger Dave Mallet, whose songs have been recorded by the likes of luminaries such as Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss and John Denver, among others. In 1986, the family moved from Maine to Nashville, Tennessee, where Dave earned a living as a songwriter and performed at the legendary haunt, The Bluebird Cafe. The family returned home to Maine in ’96 and by the late aughts the brothers were following in pops’ footsteps.

“His influence is huge,” says Luke via email in response to a few questions from The Live Beat.
“We were lucky to grow up in a house where music was putting food on the table, and that made it easy for us to take this leap of faith. These days, he’s around the band a lot and his excitement is infectious. It’s incredible to see him so enthusiastic about what we are doing.” — Luke Mallett.
Will & Luke Mallett — by Jacquline Sidor

Now, about that Mallett Brothers Band sound. Make no mistake about it, TMBB is a rock band first and foremost. But it’s infused with a whole lot of Texas soul, honkey tonk & twang! Songs from the band’s most recent recording, Lights Along The River, are driven by a roaring blend of acoustic and electric guitars, but feature lush dobro, mandolin, harmonica & fiddle harmonies throughout. And of course there’s the brotherly, kinfolk vocal harmonies of Luke and Will. All of that said, the bands’ roots lie deep in its home state. Since releasing Lights… in 2015 and between road dates, they’ve completed a bot of a passion project.

“At this point we have finished tracking an album based on lyrics from the Maine woods in the 1800s. Mostly logging songs, some sea songs. It’s been a long time in the making, but we are hoping to release it in early 2017,” writes Luke. “Beyond this one, we also have a whole bunch of new originals ready to go. Hopefully, we will start tracking some of those brand-new ones in January.”

Like any band of its ilk, TMBB earns a living the hard way — on the road. It’s a hard way to make a buck for sure, and members have come and gone. The current line up includes original member Wally Wenzel on dobro and guitars, & Andrew Martelle on fiddle and mandolin, and Adam Cogswell on drums, and bassist Nick Been.

“This thing never stops evolving, and it remains fun always.”

Never-the-less, the band keeps on truckin’. They’ve certainly hit there stride here in their native New England, but as Luke says, have fallen in love with and found a bit of a second home in the Lone Star State.

The goal remains as it always has been, to survive out here on the road with nothing but our music to support us. We really love traveling, and ultimately we hope to be able to do as well in the rest of the places we visit as we do here at home. We still make at least three or four big trips a year, and our next run down to Texas is in December.”

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