Eat Local, Buy Local — Be Local

You are what you eat — an infamous saying that most of us are familiar with today, but one that is actually being listened to more today, by the American people, than the past several decades combined. According to an article in Forbes,

“Consumers are becoming more aware of where their food comes from. Whether it’s concerns about the treatment of animals, the environmental impact of how food is being transported, or health issues stemming from pesticides, genetically-modified foods or processed foods, more people are taking the saying “you are what you eat to heart.”

It’s no secret that eating healthy and organic is hard, and actually finding organic & sustainable food in your city is even harder. So while people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits an improved diet has on one’s health, most end up throwing in the towel because it’s too hard, or takes too much time to locate food vendors in their area.

We at LocalTown understand this pain point, which is why we desire for our space to be THE place for you to discover and locate the real food movement in your area. And just with the click of a button. Our goal is to help support a sustainable community, and we believe that by connecting local community members with local vendors we can begin to ignite a sustainable system within your city.

Imagine a shortcut to a healthier you — it’s arriving now. Be the local you’ve always wanted to be, the LocalTown way.

How, you may ask? LocalTown is passionate about making it convenient for community members to find, share and purchase locally. You’ll now have the ability to be the local you’ve always wanted to be. Buy real food that you enjoy and feel good about eating from the local men and women that helped create it — all done online.

We believe, that local matters, and the reality is, the farther away you get from the source the more issues you tend to see with the product. Issues like: quality of the product, integrity of the product, nutrient benefits, viability, costs associated, etc.

Not to mention, you’re investing your hard earn money back into the community in which you live, work and play. That’s only going to benefit your city and what it can offer you in the long run!

By offering an entirely new way to experience & contribute to your community, LocalTown has developed a space where you can purchase locally in one online marketplace and then have it shipped to you or set for pick up at one of the local meet points.

Discover awesome new places, purchase your favorite local products and be instantly connected to your community when you follow local creators and friends on LocalTown.

Find a better, healthier you, and help support local growers and makers in your area. You and your community will be better for it!

Be the local you’ve always wanted to be. Follow your passion on LocalTown.

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