Why we partnered with City Rescue Mission and why you should care

This is a story you need to hear and one we need help telling. City Rescue Mission is an incredible organization located right in your backyard.

But before I go into how incredibly awesome their mission is, let me back up. The reason why we want to help great local good causes is because this is how we started. At the beginning of LocalTown, we were just trying to help people connect to great local charities with a click of a button. Today that has evolved into connecting you to great local places that you love.

And one of the ways we do this is through the debut of “LocalTown Box November.”

LocalTown Box November

Delivered to you a carefully curated box of local products from local farmers, makers, artisans and specialty shops. And that’s not even the best part.

And with every box you purchase, LocalTown will donate a meal for a mother and a child to City Rescue Mission.

City Rescue Mission, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation that provides food, clothing, shelter, emergency services and residential recovery programs to homeless men, women, and women with children. City Rescue Mission does not accept government funding. Financial support of the Mission comes from donations made generously by concerned individuals, churches, businesses, civic organizations, and foundations.

They are on a mission to be a beacon of light for the weak and weary. For the people you and I see in plain daylight but don’t really see. Let me show you what I am talking about.

Downtown Jacksonville

People like Sara. Who is a 23 year-old young mother of a baby girl and a little toddler boy. She lived with the children’s father in Georgia, but he was a drug user and she suffered under his violent hand. She was miserable and living in fear of his attacks.

Finally, Sara decided that she had enough, so when he went out to party, she quickly gathered up as much as she could in one suitcase and children in tow, ran to the Greyhound station. Sara knew her father lived in Jacksonville, so she bought a one way ticket here.

When Sara arrived, her heartless father rejected her and the children. She was devastated and broken. All of the men in her life had let her down.

She found herself wandering the streets of a strange city with her small children and nowhere to go. She was frightened and unaware of the resources here. She stumbled upon a vacant building and slept their for two nights.

One day she walked down State Street and saw City Rescue Mission’s New Life Inn. She stopped in and spoke with Jamie of CRM and took her in.

Jamie helped Sara find daycare for her two little ones so she could begin job seeking. Through time, Sara found a part-time job and due to her work ethic and abilities, her supervisor offered her a full-time position.

CRM helped Sara connect with other services in the community, provided meals, helped her save money, and find an apartment. Within four month, Sara became an independent woman, living in her own place assured that she and her children were finally safe.

At LocalTown we believe City Rescue Mission emulates the phrase: Real action is true advocacy.

We are honored to partner with CRM to help tell their story. We hope you can join us in doing so and support your local town and our local good cause partners, City Rescue Mission.

For every box you purchase, LocalTown will give two meals for a mother and child at City Rescue Mission.

Join here and support your town. website: Local.Town.

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