Your Jacksonville Locavore Dilemma

I have a local problem. And I thought it was just me, but to my surprise when I started looking into the difficulties of shopping healthy local food, I found a startling fact about our local food network. I happened to come across this article about how the state of Florida is the nearly the worst state in the country in regards to commitment to locally sourced food… so, I had take a deeper look.

The empirical data is there, the state of Florida ranks 48th in the 2015 locavore index.

This index is comprised from a local food advocacy group in Vermont called the Strolling Heifers. A ranking of 50th (not good) would be the worst ranking among the USA in regards to which states are the most committed to locally sourced food. Florida is not last, but pretty darn close. Clearly our state has some work to do.

I love going to farmers markets. We have some great markets run here in Jacksonville, whether it be Beaches Green Market, Riverside Arts Market, or Jaxson’s Night Market.

But going to these markets usually feels like a treat, rather than routine, and usually more cumbersome than easy, to purchase many necessary items for our family. It’s simply less convenient than a local grocery market.

But eating healthy locally and cost effectively has the ability to CHANGE lives. I know this because it has changed my families life and when we buy local we not only benefit nutritionally but also better manage our budget and we also are making a social purchase as well.

Because this is bigger than just you and me. Its about enabling access and growing the size of the market for all residents in Jacksonville by enabling more people to be exposed to the benefits of local food network.

You can find even more like on our twitter account here:

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Further, you can find a great list by our friends at Edible NE Florida.

However, even those lists leave out one very important dynamic that is vastly underrated and most fun. Discovery. Discovering a great local spot, farmer, specialty food, artisan or maker is literally better than finding buried treasure in your backyard. Its is utterly fantastic. (disclosure I have never found buried treasure but I can imagine and it still won’t taste as good as our local places that we love.)

How difficult it is and how every time we do find these places we say to ourselves, I wish I had known about this sooner. Without fail that feeling of small let down is usually tempered by the euphoria of a great new place we love. But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if there was one centralized place where you can discover, connect and easily share with the people you care about a community for just local? That’s what we have in mind with LocalTown.

We are on a mission to connect a community to great local farmers, artisans, makers, growers and specialty shops. The way we do this is in an online place that is one part marketplace, one part community.

We believe every person should have access to and buy local because then everyone benefits. Our belief is that every person can shop more local if we make it easier and expand access in a centralized online community and marketplace.

Because eating local has a ton of benefits, so the job we hope you hire us for, is too make it convenient to discover them and shop more locally. At LocalTown, we believe improving lives through our local food system will be a massive collective effort. We love the local farmers markets, unique shops and artisans and want to drive more people there.

And we bet that if you used LocalTown to discover one there just may be something there that you love and need.

So why not make it easier to discover what’s in your own backyard, and if you don’t have time to go shop... discover a reason on LocalTown. Join the community and movement at LocalTown and we will update you with great local places, while we build the marketplace with great local farmers, makers and growers.

If we do not come together as a community, like our good friends at Edible NE Florida say, “the collective is greater than the individual” the potential to dramatically impact and improve lives will be dream and not become a reality. People in the state of Florida need to be educated about locally sourced food and one centralized place for everyone to have better access to the places we love.

Join us and our movement to make a difference locally. Right here →

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