Drink, Read, Listen and Watch: March 2015

I started this series last month because I’m a little weird about statistics. I use a decent amount of websites to keep track of these numbers, and I also use a logbook that I write in every evening. The daily logs can be pretty mundane, but the monthly highlights are, I hope, worth sharing.

Here is what March 2015 looked like.


I’m starting with television this month because it was March, and with that comes the NCAA Tournament and lots of basketball on my tube.

2015 NCAA Tournament: It’s been a pretty ugly tournament, but as a fan of the University of Kentucky, I don’t mind. As of this writing, they are preparing for their fourth Final Four appearance in the past five years. Sadly, for fans and especially the kids, they lost to Wisconsin in the Final Four on Saturday night. It’s just a game, but sucks anyway.

Better Call Saul: It just keeps getting better. I particularly enjoyed the episode that focused on Jonathan Banks character Mike. It’s wrapping up in early April and I’m already looking forward to the second season.

Peaky Blinders S1: This Netflix series hit me pretty quickly thanks to Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” opening credit intro. It’s a show about a gangster family set in 1919 Birmingham, England. It started off strong and hit a slight mid-season lull, but it appears to be ramping up as I head into the final episode.


After watching plenty of films in February, I went back to a more humble amount in March. I didn’t get to a theatre, but did manage to take in a few decent films.

The Jinx- Robert Durst: Ok, I’m counting this as a film even though it’s laid out in six episodes on HBO. I went in knowing almost nothing about Durst, but walked away amazed by this true crime story. I won’t give it away, but the whole thing is great and the final installment is nothing short of chilling.

Upstream Color: This film looks amazing. But it’s really tough to keep up with. When I first sat down to watch it, I was a little too tired to keep up, but when I picked it back up with a clearer view it was great. It’s one that is worth a second viewing, maybe a third.


The music highlight for March was the acquisition of a bass module. I finally broke down and bought the subwoofer that goes with the Fluance Speaker I already own, and the difference is kind of amazing. I’d convinced myself that everything sounded great, but wow, it just went to the next level.

Miles Davis: Miles stuff made the list last month and this month it was pretty high on my radar again. I think I dove into some of his late career stuff more though, especially albums like Decoy and Doo-Bop. Probably not his best stuff, but really interesting to hear.

Ryan Adams: I’m a big Adams fan, and took the time to make a quick Rdio playlist last month with my favorite stuff from his recent run of Pax-Am singles. In the past year plus he’s release what seems like a dozen of these, and I usually really dig at least one of the songs. The playlist is here if you’re interested and use Rdio.


Miles: I finished this in March, a sort of long, but really fascinating look at Miles Davis. It’s an autobiography, which makes it even more impressive, as Davis is able to basically tell the story of his life in amazing detail and in his own words. He’s one of, if not the best, trumpet player ever, and played with or influenced just about everyone in the jazz scene in the past 50 years. Oh, and by the way, he’s pretty advanced.

Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix: The latest in my quest through the Potter books was another really great read. It’s also the one where Harry is super angry through just about the entire book, dude must be in the midst of puberty or something. A great read, although probably not my favorite in the series so far.


Dogfish Head World Wide Stout (2010): Pulled this guy from the beer cellar and enjoyed every last bit of its 18% goodness. It’s probably the best beer Dogfish makes for aging, all apologies to 120 minute, which I don’t think stands up really well. That being said, I don’t recommend waiting any longer than I did in this instance and I think anywhere between 3–5 years is probably the sweet spot.

Guinness: Yep, it was March, and on St. Paddy’s Day I gotta drink Guinness. I grabbed an eight pack of the cans and continue to be impressed with how easy and tasty this beer is, a timeless classic.

Jameson 12: Another St. Paddy’s day must and an Irish Whiskey worth drinking year round. It’s got the fruity flavor you already expect with Jameson, but is ramped up a notch thanks to the 12 year age statement. A great go-to Irish Whiskey.

Eagle Rare 101: I got to have a couple pours of this mid-month at the Party Source and man, it was amazing. Of course, Eagle Rare as we now know it is no slouch, but the blended 101 proof version from the mid-90s just blows it away. Why they no longer make this is beyond me.

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