Ah, the cops arrive.
Freddie deBoer

lol sure thing Freddie, whatever you say. You, the only person online who is not a cop, get to hoard grievances like “so and so is an Iraq war supporter” and bust them out whenever you get mad. That doesn’t make you a cop … for some reason … even though it’s the exact behavior you decry. But if anyone else notices you do that and points out the rank hypocrisy? Oh baby, you bet your ass that person’s a cop. Freddie gets to notice and point out things that people do, but if anyone else does it they’re a police cop of the highest order and to be condemned with your typically self-congratulatory, I’m a fourth-generation-Marxist-and-the-real-left-didn’t-used-to-be-like-this bloviating.

Don’t get mad, Freddie. I’m just respectful enough to say to your face what tons of people are saying in the backchannel. “There goes that grievance-hoarding, Iraq-war-support-accusing hypocrite Freddie again, talking about how it’s Bad and Wrong to count up errors and ‘narc’ on people’s bad behavior, at least until he sees a Twitter post he doesn’t like. Then all the rules go out the window and old Fredd-o straps on the blue himself.”

You’re a hypocrite, Freddie. You’re apparently frustrated that people aren’t coming around to your view on online/campus free speech stuff, but one way or another you’ve come up with this dream-world formulation where people who frown at dumb things you say online are actually cops. You figured out a way to use one of the most incendiary accusations available on the left to try and bully people into accepting your point of view now that reasoning with them has failed. Go figure, they think equating people who criticize words to people who imprison and murder means you’re full of shit. Plenty of people have said this to me privately, I’m just the one that’s willing to say it to your face. That’s what you want, right? An open and honest discourse where nobody is afraid to call you online’s biggest hypocrite?

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