Anyone who bases a conclusion on Nordic countries is howling at the moon, they are basically…

So in other words your objections to improving Americans’ lives amount to:

a) Americans are genetically incapable of living under a better system, unlike the racially-pure Nordic people, and

b) We are a larger country, giving us a greater population and thus more GDP and resources to draw from when creating such a system.

Yeah why don’t you repeat some more stale talking points?

These countries have virtually no spending for military

lol they have modern militaries with advanced weaponry just like every other developed country. You’re so used to living in a country that accounts for more than 1/3 of the world’s total military spending and spends more on its military than the next seven-largest military countries combined that you can’t see straight. They figured out that they can have a country without wasting massive portions of their GDP on fighter jets that don’t work and drones that create more terrorists. Good for them.

It’s like the rich version of Mexico, a few families control the place

lol what is this nonsense, you’re talking completely out of your ass. Wealth inequality in Nordic countries is drastically lower than it is here and people are significantly happier with their lives. Objective measures like infant mortality and life expectancy are all better than ours. Everyone there is guaranteed healthcare and retirement. Oh but “a few families control the place,” whatever that means, which is a situation totally distinct from here in America where a half-dozen families have as much wealth as three quarter of the country.

None of that is possible in a diverse society like the US where the people have divergent value systems and actually have some say in the government.

You seem extremely not-smart so I’m just going to flatly tell you that Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, etc. are not dictatorships. Their citizens get to vote and make decisions and studies show they have at least as much say over the direction of their society as we do. You really should try getting your information from reality and not whatever crackpot bullshit factory you’re pulling from at the moment (your own rear end?).

Name the regulations that held back business and entrepreneurship in the post war era and made individuals miserable. That is hyperbole.

Could you try to keep track of who is arguing what, at the very least? You are the one arguing that regulations are bad. I said we had a stronger economy in the postwar years, when we also happened to be more strongly regulated and more highly taxed.

over the years the effective [what people actually paid] rates on upper income individuals has not changed much

This is amazing, I think I might actually be talking to the world’s most clueless human being. Yeah somehow this happened all by its own, without any changes in how the 1% are taxed.

deductions I had even 5 to 10 years ago are gone and this year I lost close to $5k in deductions and paid a higher marginal rate, because I had a good year due to happenstance…my marginal tax rate went up by 3% but the loss of deductions cost me another few percent, welcome to government accounting.

Good. I don’t feel sorry for you. Take your poor-me, the-upper-middle-class-has-it-worst-of-all victimization routine and shove it where the sun don’t shine. If you’re well off enough to be paying the top marginal tax rate (what, am I supposed to not catch that the only people whose taxes went up 3% are in the top bracket?) you can afford to pay a little more. Sorry that you’ve gotten used to being told you’re a victim because you only make a couple hundred k or whatever, but the socialist youth who’re getting by on minimum wage 25 hours a month are coming for you. You’d better learn some humility and learn how to appreciate how lucky you are before we decide that your tax rate needs to be 80%, you freaking baby.

while the guys at the bottom and top are fine

Up yours, pal. You’re sitting here crying that you lost $5k in deductions? That’s half of what I get in a year. Oh boo-hoo, you have it so tough as an upper-upper-upper middle class guy who has to pay a bit more in taxes on your prosperous lifestyle. Meanwhile I can’t afford a car. The idea of your money being confiscated by the government fills me with joy you arrogant, shameless, clueless fatcat. Why don’t you try living on $929 dollars a month, with all the limits that come from being on disability and having to rely on government programs and their arbitrary restrictions on what you can do with your life (which is a problem with government programs being too stingy and too mean, not with them existing in the first place) and then have some rich piece of crap who pays more in taxes than you see in a year tell you how he’s Actually The One Who’s Struggling and you, who had to listen to someone to get shot at again last night because of the shitty neighborhood you live in, are Actually The One Who’s Doing Just Fine? All I’m going to say is that it’s a good thing for both our sakes that this conversation is happening over the internet and you thus aren’t able to say something that arrogant and insulting to my face.

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