The only one of these I could even conceivably be guilty of is the multiple account one. What are “overlapping use cases”? Twitter never explains. How convenient. (By the way, the thing about cross-posting tweets? It isn’t even in the rules or TOS. Yep, they’re banning people for stuff that isn’t even in their terms. Get your shit together people.)

What’d PewDiePie do? Paid money to make this happen:

And what’s in the Twitter Rules?

To recap:

Having two accounts, a thing that twitter promotes to the point that some versions of the app have a “switch account” function: banned with no warnings. We don’t want people like you on our service you abusive prick.

Using twitter to insist that paying unknowing poor people to promote genocide is perfectly fine, aka promoting genocide: a-ok. Have a blue checkmark verified account showing that you are doing things that are in the “public interest.”

Oh and while we’re on the subject.

You can have a second account if you’re a fascist abuser who gets kicked off the service for targeted harassment, but not if you’re a lefist who has two accounts.

This is a really fine set of rules your people have come up with here, Jack.

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