Today is my last day at Splash Damage.

I gave my notice of resignation on July 28th for my role as a Senior Tools Programmer, after receiving an offer of employment from another company. It felt like the time was right, and that it was an opportunity I could not refuse.

I don’t think that it is too profound to say this: the past 6 years of working at Splash Damage have played a positive role in shaping the professional that I am today!

Today marks the end of something special to me, and I insist on taking moment to…

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The following blog post will outline what is required in order to be able to remotely modify text files from a Visual Studio Code instance running from your workstation.



The following sections will cover what is required in order to setup both your Visual Studio Code instance, as well as your running Linux instance. Ensure that you have root or administrative privileges to your running Linux instance.

Setting up Visual Studio Code

You are…

Luc Shelton

Software Engineer working in games.

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