Amateur Curators Is LIVE!!!!

Amateur Curators Is LIVE!!!!

Telling someone you have a podcast is sort of like telling someone you vape. Having said that….

My friend Mike and I have embarked on a new podcast mission: To create Halls of Fame for things that don’t have Halls of Fame, even if they don’t need one.

This idea was spawned by our often silly conversations that always seem to veer into this world of pop culture analytics. Often things were ranked, often things were playfully argued. They are genuinely fun conversations, and we both decided to share these conversations with you all.

This idea is something we are both excited about. There are a whole range of topics we could make Halls of Fame for, and the first episode is about a topic of great interest to Mike and I: Nü-metal.

Nü-metal is a musical genre that has been maligned, yet the definition isn’t very clear and several bands have been categorized incorrectly as such. Mike and I define what it means to be nü-metal, what bands are in the Hall of Fame and why, then finally, we discuss bands who were left out. Wrapping it all up, our friend Anna gives her take on nü-metal, and becomes an internet star in the process.

If you have an hour, please listen to this, share it, and wait with giddied anticipation for future installments where we talk about anything and everything. Personally, I am extremely excited about the very next topic we have in store.

Thanks for your support!