Mental Health Week

Day 💚
It’s the first day of #MentalHealthWeek, so let’s take some time to acknowledge a simple fact. Everyone (no matter the colour of their skin, their age, their sexual orientation, or their beliefs) has mental health. We ALL have mental health.

One my favourite quotes about mental health and stigma is “when we break our arm, everyone runs to sign the cast, but when we say we have depression, everyone runs the other way”. 

Everyone knows that we have to take care of our health in order to live longer, but many people seem to forget that health isn’t just physical. We’ve seen a huge emphasis on fitness and exercise, but we need just as much emphasis on our mental wellness as well. 

Physical health and mental health are something everyone has. We all have healthy days and unhealthy days. We all get hurt. And we all have to take care of ourselves to make sure we get better.

If we can go to the doctor to fix our broken bones without whispers, we should be able to see a doctor about our thoughts and feelings without them too. 

A healthy life requires attention to both our bodies and minds. Take some time today to check in with your mental health.