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An introduction to SLAM, an in-depth look at the front-end of SLAM and the sensor suite

Our favourite animated robo-mascot treasure hunting for cups with his map. By instagram handle mizumitodepapu


“All you need is a plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination” —…

Side Notes’ will be just that. Ancillary pieces related to MTank & AI, that we think our readers may like. Formats will vary, but will probably include everything. …

A task interface for AI2Thor, physics simulations and a real robot named Vector

The moments of suspense as two teams of Vector robots (black vs multi-coloured) face each other before the “battle of the cup” commences. Created using the PyBullet physics simulator.

The philosophy within cups, language grounding and a survey of 3D environments

The ‘philosophy of consciousness’ debate

“True happiness is found at the bottom of a cup”


What is this and why did you do it?

On-going projects and new releases

The M Tank

Part Two: Image Captioning (from Translation to Attention)



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