The Parasitic Logic of Profit-Making
Joe Brewer

a. no offence intended, have you read any history ? Evolution ? Changing culture to culture, social experiments ?

b. no offence any back reading on classical socialism ? Marx (very difficult to read and understand, but you can try the excellent Critique of the Gotha Programme)? I think some basics in capital economics relationship may help

c. have you ever look “the humanity” into the eyes ? have you have the chance to discuss with it about its desires and ways to happiness ? As you may be aware of, the human beings (and maybe not only they) have the right to pursue their happiness as they see it fit, and not as defined by someone working in its behalf

d. I assume the word “parasite” was used in relationship with a set of moral norms (in this case, yours, as perceived as defined by those who may think as you do). But, with due respect, if you are not related to Moises (Moshe) and not received these moral norms from a burning bush, then I can assume those norms are not universal and not extemporal. In other words, the good and bad (and everything Beyond the Good and Evil -another guy worth reading) is defined by you (& those thinking in a similar way) as result of your education, family, information received, personal experience in the limited timeframe of your cognitive life.

e. a field trip in communism implementing countries will help you to direct experiment the lack of parasitic capitalism in the day to day life. Our old and good Alfred (I hope you do not mistakenly think of Hitler) said that if just a single isolated experiment result contradicts the theory, then change the theory. Wise advise I’ll say.

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