The Four-Bit Edition

I so hate this title card

Some of you are aware of this, but my website is not my primary job. It’s not even my primary writing job. I’m here when I have the time, and I do my very best to make time out of nothing. That means that sometimes, when I’m sitting at my desk at one of my other jobs, I fire up Medium.com and start building towards a post.

I don’t have a lot to say about games over the last couple of weeks, but I agreed to myself that I’d have a regular column, so I’m going to do a shortened version of 8-Bits. If you’re one of my readers, I appreciate that you come back for this stuff.

There’s an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 card on the way to my apartment, and I’m sort of losing my mind about it. My Current desktop computer is something I built back in January of 2011. It’s running two mid-range cards from October 2010.

I want to cuddle this card

In all of my years of PC gaming and PC building, I have never owned one of the top cards on the market. Right now, PC Gamer says that the 1070 is the best card on the market.

It’s not — but it’s close.

The reason PC Gamer gives the card the nudge probably has to do with the cost. There are only about three cards on the market that can compete with the 1070 in terms of power — but none of them compete in terms of price.

The closest AMD card seems to run around 4 to 5 times the cost.

What I can tell you, from my personal standpoint, is that I’m replacing a card with a FutureMark score of 4,500, with a card that has a score of nearly 25,000.

I might cry.

The Playstation Plus games for December are, for my money, perfect.

VVVVVV — one of my favorite 2D platformers of all time — is available for the Vita, and Klei Entertainment’s Invisible Inc. is free for Playstation 4 users.

I’ve played both of these titles at this point. I’ve beaten VVVVVV on Steam, Nintendo 3DS and even iPad. I look forward to beating it again. I love nearly everything Klei does, so I paid for Invisible Inc. back when it was in early access. I’m excited to play it again while I’m curled up on my couch.

The letter V six times

I glossed over the other games that we get this month — some of them might be great as well — but those two games are almost worth half a PS Plus subscription cost all by themselves.

I thought one thing I might add to my 8-Bits column is a “what I’m playing” bullet. Maybe, as this evolves, it’ll be a different bullet per game I’m playing, with mini “in progress” reviews.

For now, I’ll keep each thing in one bullet, and evolve this idea as I go forward.

Mad Max

At the moment I’m playing Max Max and Dragon Quest: Builders on PS4, World of Warcraft on PC, and VVVVVV on my PS Vita.

They’re all worth playing — but my opinion on Max Max is highly influenced by the fact that I paid only 7 dollars for it during Playstation’s end-of-November sale period.

Two games that totally exist, just like we always heard they would: Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian.

If you’re someone with stock in old games that took over half a decade to show up — you’re about to cash in big.

Both games, turns out, are pretty decent to play as well. I’ve had hands on time with the silly — but amazing — Final Fantasy XV. I haven’t had time for The Last Guardian yet, but it’s in my Gamefly queue, so it’ll happen sooner or later.

I’m just glad they’re real. A lot of people lost their minds when No Man’s Sky got delayed for a few months — meanwhile, The Last Guardian was supposed to arrive on PS2, then PS3.

The moral of the story: Calm down. There are a lot of games that we haven’t played yet, and most of them are sitting in bargain bins.