You leave a couple of important things unsaid Gary, that perhaps don’t interest you but should…
Battles Atlas

Given that my family didn’t have money, nor for that matter did they even want me but hey that’s a completely different story, I’m not sure I agree with your accessment of my motives completely.

I do value functioning societies!

In fact because I treasure them so much I’ve taken to the route taught by most spiritual teachers — the only person I can change is myself. So instead of blaming external forces I simply learn to accept what is and adapt to it as best I can.

So I’m not sure why you seem so convinved that I do not value peace, harmony and prosperity in balance :)

While I agree with your premise that well funded and/or well nurtured or even just well connected individuals might have an apparent leg up on entrepreneurial endeavours I’ve also found that having a hard life (I’ve had a very hard one…) teaches one deep lessons like grit and determination that are often key characteristics of success in such endeavours.

The universe balances things in strange and mysterious ways…

I, for the record, do not wish to create or cause chaffing — I merely observe that a number of forces are nevertheless creating it and I’m doing what I can, mostly by working on myself, to adapt and spread acceptance, insight and understanding on viable paths to move forward through trying circumstances.

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