Can I Be The Almighty?
Maitreya Thakur

The purpose of a tribe, any tribe, including religion, is to draw some imaginary line in the sand by which to declare that we are not you and you are not us.

In stark contrast, as alluded to by this article, spirituality declares that we are in fact all one.

While most spiritual teachers declare that “thou must attain this oneness” I postulate however a different option:

Everything is already perfect.

If that statement were to hold true then oneness embraces duality and does not draw any imaginary lines in the sand between the two :)

What does this mean in practice?

If separation is an illusion, and we have to admit it is truly a glorious illusion if it is, then perhaps we could revel in the perfection of separation while we are here just as fully as we embrace the oneness of unity when we are there.

Now this starts a new line of reasoning:

If everything is already perfect then what is it perfect for?

Having asked that question for many decades now I’m always amazed at the interestingness of the answers that show up :)

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