Money Moves, Funding, and Related Stocks in VR/AR

Funding roundup of the past week from the virtual reality and augmented reality space…

Malia Probst
Jul 2, 2016 · 2 min read


Starbreeze is the company behind the distinctive wide-FOV headset StarVR, and has been very busy recently: they formed a joint venture with Acer for the StarVR headset, they bought the rights to classic video games, they are collaborating with Smilegate on a VR platform, and they are launching VR arcades. Starbreeze now has acquired a French company called ePawn, which brings real life gaming experiences together with their digital counterpart. ePawn makes gaming boards and mats in table and room-scale sizes, and has a proprietary technology that captures the real-life game action and sends it into digital applications. Could be useful in Starbreeze’s arcade plans and recent IMAX partnership

Related stocks: $STBEF.PK / $ACEIY.PK / $IMAX.N


Splash is a German company with a free mobile application that lets users capture their surrounding in 360 degrees in real time and share their 360 photos and videos instantly. The $2.5M funding round was led by Greycroft Partners, with Advancit, Felix Capital, BDMI, Seedcamp, DeNA, and Kevin Wall.

Related stocks: N/A


Founded in 2000, Lumus develops high-end near-to-eye displays for AR/MR and smart eyewear. Their patented Light-guide Optical Element waveguide, which always allows for the slimmest form factor regardless of the FOV, is the gold standard for transparent displays. The funding was led by Shanda Group and Crystal-Optech.

Related stocks: N/A


The $5M developer fund is founded by Razer with the intention of encouraging VR developers to support the open VR ecosystem. Benefits include: marketing & promotional support, showcase opportunities at trade shows and events, hardware support, partner support, etc. What is open VR, or WebVR? It’s a JavaScript API that helps the creation of VR-ready sites.

Related stocks: 002280.SZ (Shenzhen)

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