The Health & VR Mixer — Discover the Best in Virtual Reality

This week’s episode is a live recording from the panel conversation at VRScout’s most recent monthly mixer, which was all about Health & VR. This is a fascinating conversation showcasing a variety of perspectives on the huge range of healthcare and wellness applications utilizing immersive technology. Guest hosted by Kristi Hansen Onkka (founder at HealthiAR), the panel features Carrie Shaw (founder at Embodied Labs), Dr. Brennan Spiegel (Director of Health Services Research at Cedars-Sinai), Shauna Heller (founder of Clay Park VR and Executive Director of VR Med Tech Initiatives), Jacki Morie (founder and Chief Scientist at All These Worlds), and Dr. Wen Dombrowski (Chief Convergence Officer of CATALAIZE).

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Malia Probst is Director of Brand Development for VRScout, one of the world’s leading immersive media companies, and host of the VRScout Report podcastwhich covers all the news in the VR/AR industry. Also check out her interviews with leaders in the virtual reality and augmented reality industry on the Real Virtual Show podcast.