What is Modern Art?

What is it with people that think everything is art? Somebody sees a pile of ‘whatever’ on the floor they are allowed to call it art, and people with an education that cost more than a small house, believe it to be art and come up with words that most of us never will understand, to describe it and someone with more money than sense buys it and that’s it, it’s art. Hammer a six inch nail into a wall allowing the plaster to fall away around the nail and it can be called art, No! it’s a nail in the wall.

Art is something created by anyone. Just because somebody goes to college, university and through the doors of The Royal Academy and learns how to describe a single brush stroke on a canvas as ‘A visual insight into my childhood grievances with everything authoritarian’ Just mentioning The Royal Academy gives undeserved approval of a talent to which they do or do not have. No! Its laziness, he or she can’t be arsed using a talent they may or may not have as a result of they’re over praising the educational system to which they passes through.

I paint for a hobby. I’m no van Gough, no Rembrandt, no da Vinci, I wouldn’t dare call myself an artist, and I don’t have the courage to call myself an artist. And even if I say so myself, I’m more of an artist than someone that removes the head from a doll threads a coat hanger through its head and call it art. Wow! That does take bollocks…BIG bollocks, and to persuade someone else to believe its art and for them to convey their beliefs to others, that’s clever. Maybe these peoples education isn’t wasted after all. That’s not to say the stuff they produce IS art, it just proves they’re more educated than me.

So, in answer to my question… What is Modern Art?

The answer must be, without a shadow of doubt…Bollocks, Modern art is total bollocks!

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