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I can see a very ignorant and prejudiced point-of-view with regards to mental health and sleeping disorders developing in this article and it all starts and ends with the oft-parroted clichés:

“You are the designer of your destiny.”
“You are responsible.”
“Life awards the doers.”

Firstly, the author is confused with the difference between having a sleeping disorder and having a bad sleeping habit, he quotes statistics on recognised medical conditions and then insidiously places them as a matter of personal choice, patronising those with a real condition to appreciate the benefits of sleeping through the hours they can’t normally get even when they try to hit the bed early.

Since he quotes depression, he would be enlightened to google for himself (as he feebly advises in what seems to be an attempt to set his confusion as established knowledge) and discover that within the several related mental conditions that affect millions around the world sleep and stamina are the first to take a hit.

Lastly, there is more to sleeping than waking up at a certain time and sleeping a set amount of hours. Everyone needs a different amount of hours, people have different sleeping cycles even when they are free of disorders.

It might be Benjamin is just an immature writer, naively creating causal relationships where there aren’t, nevertheless in this he perpetuates ignorance, insensitivity and more prejudice.

The same way prayer will not do anything to improve his writing and outlook of others with health problems, it won’t do anything to change all the aspects of life and biology nobody has control no matter how early they wake up.

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