MWF History Maker Rumble Results and Stats

Martin V
Martin V
Oct 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) was part of Historycon 2018. They had a History Maker Rumble on Day 3 and here are the stats of the History Maker Rumble. Check out MWF Insider Blog for the full results of their Historycon 2018 run. (Check out my podcast episode of the 3 day event while you’re at it)

Disclaimer: These are from my notes as I watched the event. So..kindly do message me and help me edit this list for any errors. Thank you :)

Fabio Makisig on the corner

Order of Entry

1. Mh4rcki3 (PWR)
2. Aldrin Richards
3. Khayl Sison
4. Quatro (PWR)
5. Gigz Stryker
6. Kh3ndrick (PWR)
7. The Apocalypse (PWR)
8. Chris Panzer (PWR)
9. Martivo (PWR)
10. RG
11. Rex Lawin
12. Hanzello Shilva
13. Frankie Thurteen
14. Yohan Ollores (PWR)
15. AB3 (PWR)
16. ??? (masked wrestler)
17. Logan Ollores (PWR)
18. Ashura
20. John Sebastian (PWR)
21. Koto Hiro
22. Morgan Vaughn
23. Coach Gus
24. Zayden Trudeau (PWR)
25. Brother Jomar
26. Fabio Makisig
27. Crystal (PWR)
28. Evan Carleaux (PWR)
29. Mr. Lucha
30. Kanto (Kilabot) Terror (PWR)


1: Apocalypse by Rex Lawin (1)
2. Quatro by Aldrin (1)
3. Khendrick by Aldrin (2)
4. Gigz by Hanzello Shilva
5. Hanzello by RG
6. RG by Aldrin (3)/Hanzello Shilva (2)
7. ??? by Rex (2)
8. Khayl by YOLO Twins (1)
9. Yohann by Logan (2)
10. Logan by Mh4rckie (1)
11. Zayden by himself
12. Fabio by everyone
13. Robin Sane by Frankie (1)
14. Frankie by Rex (3)
15. Ashura by Crystal (1)
16. Morgan by Evan (1)
17. Gus by himself
18. Panzer by Sebastian (1)
19. AB3 by Koto Hiro (1)
20. Jomar by Sebastian (2)
21. Crystal by Martivo (1)
22. KT by Rex (4) and Sebastian (3)
23. Koto by Sebastian (4)
24. Evan by Sebastian (5)
25. Lucha by Rex (5) and Sebastian (6)
26. Mh4rckie by Aldrin (4)
27. Martivo by Rex (6) and Sebastian (7)
28. Sebastian by Rex (7) and Aldrin (5)
29. Aldrin by Rex (8) (pinfall via rex trigger superkick)

Winner: Rex Lawin

Rex Lawin wins

Fast Facts

  • This is Kanto (Kilabot) Terror’s first in-ring match since Path of Gold 2017
  • Rex Lawin had the most eliminations in the match with 8. John Sebastian is second with 7 eliminations.
  • Aldrin Richards lasted the longest in the match among the 30 competitors in the History Maker Rumble
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