PWR Bracket of DOOM~! (My Predictions/Convoluted Story)

“It was the year 2018 A.D. and the most unthinkable thing happened in the local pro wrestling scene….”

“…32 competitors from the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) were abducted one day and nobody knew where they went. But as the day passed, some of them returned. Some in good condition, while the others battered and broken.”

Bracket by @BeeHeyna on the twitter

“No one knows the real reason of the disappearances. However, one of the 32 abductees uttered the words ‘the bracket’…before they passed a piece of paper…and then slipping into unconsciousness. They would return to consciousness, only to forget the utterance of the words and said piece of paper.”

“Who knows what really happened that day. But maybe..JUST MAYBE…THIS…is the story of what went down in the recovered bracket. Or something like that. I don’t know. This Martin guy is just too crazy for me to believe this is what really happened. Lord, help us…” — Sven H., April 1, 2018

Shut up, Sven! Hi guys! This is Martin and I would like to clarify that there were NO abductions going on. It was just a bracket made somewhere in Twitter by fellow PWR Fan Hannah. And this bracket I dub thee the…BRACKET OF DOOM~!

Time to post it again for us to see who are lined up from left to right.

Photo from Rappler’s Mags Icasiano

Wh…how did that picture get in there?! Anyways. Bracket please, for those lazy to SCROLL UP this page.

FIRST ROUND Western Conference: For Friendship or Glory

  1. Ralph Imabayashi vs. Rederick Mahaba
“Friendship, then, like the other natural loves, is unable to save itself. In reality, because it is spiritual and therefore faces a subtler enemy, it must, even more wholeheartedly than they, invoke the divine protection if it hopes to remain sweet. For consider how narrow its true path is. Is must not become what the people call a “mutual admiration society”; yet if it is not full of mutual admiration, of Appreciative love, it is not Friendship at all.” — (C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves, 1960)

In the spirit of ‘love’ and ‘respect’, this match will be tough to decide but…Ralph wins.

2. Trian Dela Torre vs. Evan Carleaux

WHY DO YOU DO THIS?! T_T This is by far so hard to decide on but I think the power of friendship has to give way to the greater good…of winning the bracket. Evan Carleaux wins.

3. Yohann Ollores vs. Main Maxx — DPT. This aint no handicap. Sorry Yohann…Main Maxx gets this

4. Dax Xaviera vs. Mh4rckie — This was Dax’s match to win. Sadly I think he’ll lose because the Kakaibr0 will have assistance from a ghost of Dax’s past….DAN ERICSON!(and 3rd Kakaibr0….Dh4n)


5. Quatro vs. Robynn — Punk Rock Maiden would give Quatro all she’s got but Quatro continues his winning ways with a Destino!

Photo by TCHuang Productions

6. Ken Warren vs. Jan Evander — In fear of having..THAT being my fate….I choose Jan Evander to advance and have my fingers safe at least for the first round.

7. Chris Panzer vs. AB3 — The former Two-Time PWR Champion will have a big task in front of him for sure. However, Panzer will overcome the challenge of AB3 and advance.

8. Peter Versoza vs. AMAJSWLS — Ye who lack faith..better have some now. John Sebastian advances and proves the world is NOT flat.

FIRST ROUND Eastern Conference: Trianverse Episode 4: A New Hope

  1. Kapitan Tutan vs. Martivo — I’m not sure WHICH Kapitan we’re talking about but my gut tells me it’s Kapitan/Officer Tutan. That said, the new hope for Trianverse pulls off an upset and wins. Tutan advances

2. Miguel Rosales vs. Zayden Trudeau — This is a hard one to pick but eventually it has to come down to youth and promise. Trudeau pulls off another big win since his victory over Billy Suede and advances.

3. Mike Madrigal vs. James “Idol” Martinez — The PHX Champion will advance after disposing of The Network’s top of the pyramid.

4. Crystal vs. Revo-Ranger — Citizens, this won’t be good for our Ranger as Crystal will make him Eat Defeat and advance.

5. Logan Ollores vs. Kh3ndrick — The Kakaibr0 winning streak continues. While Yohann is busy with Mh4rckie, the man formerly known as Dan Ericson interferes yet again to give Kh3ndrick the win.

6.SANDATA vs. Jake De Leon — SANDATA has a win over JDL, but this time it’s JDL who will get revenge and the victory to advance.

7. Bombay Suarez vs. Bolt — It’s fire vs. fire Is..that right? Uhm.Well..Bombay wins. There.

8. Vlad Sinnsyk vs. Apocalypse — Vlad continues his winning ways against the former AOW Champion.


SECOND ROUND: Br0n4tion T4k30v3r

  1. Ralph Imabayashi vs. Evan Carleaux
“A strong man doesn’t need to read the future, he makes his own.” — Solid Snake

Ralph continues his hot streak and defeated the inescapable future. It was a very long and evened out match but the Sonic Crusher out of nowhere sealed Evan Carleaux’s fate.

2. Main Maxx vs. Mh4Rcki3 — Kh3ndrick and Dh4n (Ericson) tried their best to assist their fellow br0, but Main Maxx dispatched them. Maxx would go for the win but a familiar face enters ringside with a mic. He does some bars to confuse Main Maxx. A confused Main Maxx turns and is rolled up by Mh4Rcki3 for the win!!!

The man known as McKata returns to help the Kakaibr0s and has been renamed as M3-Kh4t4. Br0nation continues to grow as the tournament advances.

3. Quatro vs. Jan Evander

“When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself.” — Louis Nizer

I love writing. I love typing. I love my fingers. Jan Evander advances. It’s that academic.

Panzer? Is that YOU?! Here’s a hint!

4. Chris Panzer(?) vs. John Sebastian — A heavier and darker toned version of Chris Panzer somehow meets John Sebastian in the ring. By a surprise roll up, Panzer advances. Some say it wasn’t even him. Hmmm…

5. Kapitan Tutan vs. Zayden Trudeau — He tried to kap kap, but this HARD fought match was given to Zayden in the end. The last hope of Trianverse falls after a ill advised assist from Camus costs Tutan the match. Damn it, Camus! :(

6. Mike Madrigal vs. Crystal — The Queen of PH Wrestling took on the man with big ethics in this round. Madrigal sneaks in the win after using the ropes for leverage.

7. Kh3ndrick vs. JDL — Everything was set for Jake De Leon to sweep the competition and get this easy win. However, as he had the Inasal Lock on the Kakaibr0….the video screen shows something..LIKE THIS

Fate of Walis

The rest of the Kakaibr0s have abducted Walis Pempengco and killed it to distract JDL. JDL rushes out of the ring and gets counted out..Kh3ndrick wins by count out.

8. Bombay Suarez vs. Vlad Sinnsyk — A match that will featured a lot of weapons including the dreaded Sitaw, will see Vlad get the victory. However…somebody enters to distract Vlad.

Photo by TCHuang Productions

Vlad chases Vintendo out of the ringside area.


THIRD ROUND: Here Comes A New Challenger!

  1. Ralph Imabayashi vs. Mh4rckie — The power of Love and Respect was too much for the dreaded Br0nation to overcome. Ralph destroys Mh4rckie while Mahaba fended off the other 3. Post match, Ralph sends the Kakaibr0 in a stretcher after delivering his Senketsu.

2. Jan Evander vs. Chris Panzer — The anomaly of Chris Panzer’s ever switching appearances baffle the PwD. The leaner and meaner Panzer wins via the Eagle Splash.

3. Zayden Trudeau vs. Mike Madrigal — The Canadian Dragon continues the winning streak after finally vanquishing the PHX Champion inside the ring. A livid Madrigal admonishes his lackeys (what’s left of the Kakaibr0s) and beats up Dh4n and Mh4k4t4 before leaving ringside.

4. Kh3ndrick vs. Vlad — After the last match, Kh3ndrick is feeling a bit beaten up…don’t ask. He waits for Vlad as we all do but we receive word that Vlad has been evacuated out of the premises due to a sustained injury.

Vintendo is the apparent replacement for Vlad. Vintendo gets the easy win after the High Score Chokeslam. #SalamatVintendø


Wait..who is the REAL Panzer?!
  1. Ralph Imabayashi vs. Chris Panzer — In an attempt to finally figure out the REAL Chris Panzer, the match turned into a tag team match with Ralph and Redeirck taking on the TWO Chris Panzers. Eventually, we figured out that the darker skinned Panzer with the shades and maong jacket was Brad Cruz….but yes, MTNH wins for Ralph to make it to the finals
photo by: Hub Pacheco

2. Zayden Trudeau vs. Vintendo — The Rematch from last year will be intense. But in the end, the vastly leveled up Vintendo gets the win. Apologies to my friends and family, but, Vintendo wins.

THE FINALS: Ralph Imabayashi vs. Vintendo — Now I’d usually give this match to a 2-time PWR Champion. Usually. But in this fever-stricken body, my mind is going haywire each time I type away at my keyboard. Vintendo wins! He overcomes all the odds and gets that high score chokeslam OUT OF NOWHERE to get the pinfall victory


HOWEVER…a familiar evil lurks around ringside. His name..KEIVAN SKULL!!!

The winner (Vintendo) gets to face Keivan Skull!

….Vintendo wins again going 2–0 against his series match with Keivan Skull. Sadly..that’s not the END of this story.

Keivan Skull reaches for something underneath the apron and it looks like…the Infinity Gauntlet!!! He puts it on and he transforms…

Keivan Transforms!!!

Who will stop transformed Keivan?

Who in their right mind continues to read this crap up to this point of the blog post?!

Will we still thank Vintendo?


Pic Credit: Maow Del Rosario

Thank you for those who reached the end of this writeup.

Happy Easter and a Happy April Fool’s Day to all! :)