PWR Live: Bagong Yugto Quick Predictions

PWR Live: Bagong Yugto will be happening in a few hours but, hey, let’s try out my new Medium account for a quick prediction entry, yes?

The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn) vs Mike Madrigal Vlad Sinnsyk — I pick the hard-hitting combo of Madrigal and Sinnsyk over the unique duo of Robynn and Martivo. I’m for the Punk Dolls, but I think MadVlad needs this win to gain more momentum going into their continuing feud with Rosales and Bax (The Fighters 4 Hire).

Pick: Madrigal and Sinnsyk

YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) vs Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) — The supposed “Old Guard” of the PWR Tag Team Division is back, but just because their competitors are younger, doesn’t mean they will bend to the will of their opponents. Bax and Rosales have reinvigorated each other since their reunion as a tag team and the twins better be prepared for the fight of their lives. I’m going with my gut and say that Bax and Rosales have the number of PWR’s Young Blood.

Pick: Fighters 4 Hire

SANDATA vs The Apocalypse –Both masked men are sure to make a great match in PWR Live. However, The Apocalypse will need to get this win if he wants to get back into the relevant PWR title picture. SANDATA will give him a hard time but the Pinoy Tecnico might lose this one, especially if the one-on-one matches in PWR Live will lead them to an entry to a future “Path of Gold” match in PWR.

Pick: The Apocalypse

Alexander Belmonte III vs Rederick Mahaba — Rederick Mahaba is on a roll and he will continue this dominance on The Network’s ABIII.

Pick: Mahaba

Chino Guinto vs Ralph Imabayashi — “The Golden Boy” will have that golden ticket to the Path of Gold and will win this very close match. My prediction is, the rest of the Network will screw over Imabayashi once more for Guinto to get the win. For me, it’s Guinto who will secure that spot for The Network at the Path of Gold match.

Pick: Chino Guinto

James “Idol” Martinez vs Crystal — No #IdolWins here as this might be one interesting match up. Crystal has been in a lot of big-time matches in PWR and has faced the likes of Main Maxx and Peter Versoza. Idol is no slouch either, holding victories against Former 2-Time PWR Champion Jake De Leon and Former PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi. Crystal has proven she can hang with the big boys. She may have the upper hand and join the Path of Gold match.

Pick: Crystal

Ken Warren vs Chris Panzer — One of my favorite PWR rivalries of all time. It’s the first time in a long time these two have faced each other and with a long hiatus from PWR, Ken Warren is well rested and has the upper hand over Panzer. The Leader of the Panzer Army is no easy task to take for Warren, but he has yet to shake off the doubters who see him ‘choke’ on big time situations. Ken Warren will look to capitalize on that stigma and…one Winning Finish to Panzer and we will see Ken Warren starting 2017 with a 1–0 record.

Pick: Ken Warren

PHX Title Match: Main Maxx © vs Peter Versoza — Maxx takes on the versatile Peter Versoza. Once allies, now enemies, they will try to out-class the other in the ring. Main Maxx not only has the champion’s advantage but the skill set to destabilize the offense of Versoza. While PV will be a tough one to fend off, Maxx will retain.

Pick: Main Maxx

PWR Title Match: John Sebastian © vs Jake De Leon — The champ takes on the former 2-time PWR Champion in this match. JDL has shown he is ready to reclaim his belt, but he’s going to fend off not only the champion, but his lingering concussion. Sebastian, the cold and calculating PWR Champion, will seize the day and reclaim the belt with a killshot or two.

Pick: John Sebastian

Those are my picks for today’s event. What about you? You can catch PWR Live: Bagong Yugto today at VENUE 142, Roof Deck, L Building, in 142 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Tickets are at 400php.

Photos From: Official PWR FB Page