“DPT, like, true story”

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) was back in Makati City for PWR Live: Resbak. The last time we got to see a Makati show was at PWR Wrevolution X 2016. We got to see all the bodyslammin’ wrestling action at the Foton Showroom, in Pasong Tamo Extension last 28 May 2017. If you missed it, here’s my recap.

Trudeau vs Vintend∅

Vintend∅ vs Zayden Trudeau

Vintend∅ took on the debuting Zayden Trudeau. The Fighting Gamer looked good in his return match to PWR since his victory over Keivan Skull at PWR Live: Suplex Sunday. Mr. Trudeau took the victory with an impressive “Desolé” (short-arm wrist-clutch high knee strike) on Vintendo.


SANDATA came out and noted that his scheduled opponent Billy Suede was banned by Mr. Sy from this event, but he wanted someone to fight. Seconds later, he would get just that with a debuting PWR wrestler known as the “Kakaibro” Kh3Ndrick.

Aaaaand it’s done!

SANDATA vs Kh3Ndrick

SANDATA made quick work of the debuting Kh3Ndrick with the “Ang Huling Bala” (running knee). The newbie was busy taking selfies with his groupies before he got fed by SANDATA’s running knee strike. Does that remind you of a match last year with SANDATA? Like how he quickly dispatched an opponent last year at the iACADEMY because said opponent wasn’t ready like Kh3Ndrick was here?

*Shrugs* meh

Anyway, it was a very amusing segment in my view. While he got one-hit killed by SANDATA’s strike, I see a LOT of upside for this Kh3Ndrick character. Same goes for Trudeau.

The R&C Show

PWR Live: Resbak started off with the very first live edition of the R&C (Rich and Cool) Show with the YOLO Twins and the Twins looked PISSED! They bitched out on poor PWR Ring Announce Poch Estrada for not bringing beer to their ‘beer pong table’ and the “missing” blue tag team belt. While Poch had to “fetch” the items, the Twins argued with a crowd member and even pulled one out who had…THIS sign….

That’s better!

A stomp here and a Del Rosario Driver there, that sign was kaput! Oh, the Twins also made a very annoying shriek to “make a point” to the audience. Ken Warren, the guest of the show, saved everyone by making his presence felt and brought the blue belt back ringside. Warren said that the current PHX Champion Chino Guinto was a Ken Warren fangirl and is not as good as him. At the end of the day, the “Golden Boy” is a mere “Warren Wannabe” in the eyes of Ken Warren. The Twins gave Ken Warren a similar jacket that they were wearing to celebrate the trio’s union.

These jackets = lit AF

Before the three could name their group, Mr. Sy interrupted them and booked the Twins against the Punk Dolls!!!

Robynn locks in!

For the PWR Tag Team Titles: The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores)© vs The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn)

The Twins tried to attack their opponents, but Martivo caught them with a huge double clothesline. Martivo and Logan started the match and it was the Punk Dolls who were in control early on. The Man Doll gave Logan a unique ‘twerk face’ on the corner. The YOLO Twins would seize control soon after Yohann gave Martivo a hard powerbomb. They would isolate the Man Doll for most of the match with some double team moves like the YOLO elbow and the poetry in motion.

This is gonna hurt X_X

Martivo made the hot tag to Robynn and the Punk Dolls got back in the match. The YOLO Twins got the win when Ken Warren clocked Robynn with the tag team belt. The trio continued their attack on Robynn with the triple superkick!

Koto Hiro vs Ken Warren

International Wrestler Koto Hiro made his PWR debut against Ken Warren. Both wrestlers made an impressive chain wrestling sequence to start the match. Warren dropkicked Hiro to the outside of the ring. The masked wrestler unleashed his offense on Ken Warren such as his springboard neckbreaker and an airplane spin.

Koto Hiro trying to frankensteiner Ken Warren from the corner
Get ready…

Koto Hiro pulled off a frankensteiner on KW on the top turnbuckle. The numbers game caught up and Koto Hiro ate the Wi-Fi after being distracted by one of the twins. Ken Warren pinned Koto Hiro for the 1–2–3!

Idol vs Dax

Delirium (Dax Xaviera and Dan Ericson) vs The Network (James “Idol” Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III)

The ring announcer, as ordered by #MelFromHR, told the crowd to greet Alexander Belmonte III of the Network a ‘happy birthday’. The birthday celebration was cut short by Idol himself.

Idol is NOT impressed
Idol tries to escape the hold

Idol and ABII controlled most of the action as they double-teamed on Dan Ericson. Dan got to tag out to Dax after he hit a desperation enzugiri on his opponent. Dax was a house on fire and took out ABIII outside with a splash. Dax locked Idol with a leglock until it was broken up by ABIII. Dan Ericson got back in the ring to deliver a deep DDT on ABIII. James “Idol” Martinez caught Dan and delivered the pay-in for the pinfall victory. Idol motioned for the belt after the match, and we have no doubt what belt he wanted to get soon.

Chino Guinto = PHX Champion

For the PHX Championship: Chino Guinto © vs Peter Versoza

The PHX Title Match featured some exciting action from the champion (Chino Guinto) and Peter Versoza. The former PHX Champion stomped a mudhole on the Golden Boy early on. PV pulled off a couple of impressive spin kicks on Guinto. PV did some pelvic thrusts against his opponent on the corner.

Stop pls 0_0
Chino w/ the Blockbuster!

The PHX Champion fought back and took PV down with a ‘block buster’ from the top rope. Chino delivered a Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker for a near 3 count. Versoza avoided the Gold Digger stomp and took out Chino with a stomach breaker for a near fall. The end saw Chino Guinto rolling PV up for the 1–2–3 after he avoided the Karne Norte Stomachbreaker.

DPT, you’re outnumbered!
OH S***!!!

Ken Warren and The YOLO Twins attacked the Guinto after the match. The Network Downlines, led by ABIII, went ringside to stand off with the trio. The Millenials left the ring as The Network helped Chino up, only to give the PHX belt to Idol.

Who did it better?

Both men would pose with the PHX belt before Idol left the ringside area. It would be interesting to see the power struggle between The Network, Chino Guinto, and Ken Warren and his posse over the PWR PHX Championship Belt in the coming shows.

Well now…

All Out War Match: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) vs Deadly Sinns (Vlad Sinnsyk and Mike Madrigal)

All four men went to war with an assortment of weapons in what may be THE match of the show. The start saw a straight up brawl with the two teams. There were items used such as the unique looking pan item such as “Panny Serrano” and “the most durable sitaw in the world”. At one point, the Deadly Sinns cornered Rosales and Bax before they rolled a bowling ball to the duo.

HOLY S***!

One of the highlights of the match was Mike Madrigal and Miguel Rosales delivering stereo ‘orocan coast to coasts’ on Bax and Vlad respectively. Joey Bax would be temporarily restrained with handcuffs before Madrigal and Sinnsyk assaulted him with a Singapore cane.

Vlad: Hi

Miguel Rosales was busted open after a steel steps attack by Madrigal. Rosales drew more blood after Madrigal used a cheese grater on his forehead.

Too early for Palm Sunday

Vlad Sinnsyk slammed Rosales on the assortment of lego bricks and thumbtacks on the ring. The same items that Rosales himself placed there in the first place. Vlad tried to deliver a splash but missed his mark. Rosales disposed Vlad with a spear from the apron and onto a piece of plywood that was propped up outside the ring. Joey Bax got free from his handcuffs and helped Fighters 4 Hire secure the victory as they sent Mike Madrigal crashing onto a piece of plywood.

Uh oh….

Kapre Challenge: Trian Dela Torre vs The Apocalypse

The Midget Champion, Trian Dela Torre, had an open challenge at Resbak. However, he did NOT expect that the imposing masked man known as The Apocalypse would answer his call to combat.

The BIGGEST (or smallest?) upset ever!

The Apocalypse looked primed to win this contest, but it was the Miniature Boy who scored a victory via a rollup pin.

A crushing blow to the Midget Champion :(((((
#GrabCamus to the rescue

The Apocalypse was not pleased and brutally assaulted the referee and the midget champion. To add insult to injury, he violently stomped down the midget championship belt before he slammed Dela Torre with the Death Bell.

Bolt vs Crystal
Both competitors display some sportsmanship after the match

Bolt vs Crystal

Bolt faced his biggest competition yet in the form of Crystal. It was the more experienced fighter in Crystal that took control for most of this contest. Bolt fought back with some kicks and even took Crystal out with an enzugiri. Crystal tried to deliver the Sole Mate for the first time but it was countered by Bolt. Bolt attempted to get the upset with with his Otaku Driver, but it was Crystal who blocked it and took care of things with the Sole Mate for the 1–2–3.

Ralph: :P
JDL: ‘Suuuuuuuuuuuup!!!

Jake De Leon vs Ralph Imabayashi (w/ Rederick Mahaba)

It was a battle of two former PWR Champions with “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon taking on Ralph Imabayashi. Before the match, Rederick Mahaba explained to everyone that he was at ringside (with tray in hand) to see to it that things go ‘fair and square’.

Hiptoss-to-cross armbreaker by JDL

JDL and Ralph had a nice exchange of holds to start off the match that featured Ralph hitting a hard punch across JDL’s face. JDL would target Ralph’s left arm to set him up later for the Inasal Lock. JDL connected with the Hampas Lupa from the ring apron. Ralph, however, caught JDL with his knees when the latter tried his cartwheel splash. JDL would come back with a hip toss-cross armbreaker combination on Ralph.


Imabayashi and JDL had an exchange of VERY HARD strikes in the center of the ring. JDL later connected with a cannonball on Ralph at the corner. JDL continued his offense with a superkick and a springboard clothesline for 2 count. JDL trapped Ralph in the Inasal Lock, but the latter got out. JDL connected with the Alipin Drop on Ralph, but he took out the referee in the process. Ralph Imabayashi got up and delivered a Sonic Crusher on JDL for the pin, but the referee was STILL unconcious. The referee would regain consciousness for the count, but JDL raise his arm by 2.

This aint lookin’ good for JDL
Ralph with his piledriver on JDL

An angry Ralph elbow dropped the referee and grabbed Rederick Mahaba’s tray to try and attack JDL. Mahaba got in the ring to confiscate the tray, only for Mahaba to hit JDL over the head with it. Imabayashi connected with a cradle reverse piledriver (Senketsu)and got the pinfall win over JDL. This marked Ralph’s very first singles win in a long time.

A very emotional Mahaba on the mic

After the match, Mahaba grabbed the microphone and told the audience that every time he and Ralph lost or got taken down by dubious means, none of them showed any respect or love to them. Mahaba added that he and Ralph have grown tired of the fans not showing them love and respect. Mahaba was rather angry that he even goaded a crowd member to get in the ring to fight him. He ended his speech and said that from now on the fans would see love, respect, and winning from MTNH.

Mr. Sy with the new PWR Championship Belt

2 out of 3 Falls Match for the PWR Championship: Chris Panzer © vs John Sebastian

This was the rematch from PWR Wrevolution X 2017 and we saw the current PWR Champion, Chris Panzer taking on the former champion, John Sebastian. The match would also determine who walked out of the ring wearing the BRAND NEW version of the PWR Championship Belt.

Sebastian secures the first fall with the Killshot after he delivered a powerbomb on the corner!

First Fall: John Sebastian delivered a sneak attack on Panzer as the bell rung. The former champion rocked Panzer with some hard punches and kicks to the face, to the horror of the fans at ringside (Wag sa mukha!). Chris Panzer fought back with a powerful spinebuster on John Sebastian. John Sebastian grabbed Panzer and sent him crashing to the corner with a powerbomb on the turnbuckle. Sebastian got the first pin after hitting Panzer with the Killshot.

Panzer tries to get the 1–1 tie on the Second fall

Second Fall: Sebastian toyed with the Panzer for the first few moments of the second fall. Sebastian even taunted Panzer’s girlfriend at ringside before he tried to finish off the PWR champ. Chris Panzer fought back and planted Sebastian with a rock bottom. Chris Panzer locked in the Anaconda Vice on his opponent for the submission victory.

Eagle Splash on Sebastian!

Third Fall: Panzer hit the Panzerschreck on Sebastian on the mark, but he missed the Eagle Splash followup. Sebastian delivered the Killshot on Panzer, but the champion kicked out! Panzer finished the match by delivering a piledriver on Sebastian before hitting the Eagle Splash for the pinfall victory. With the score of 2–1, Chris Panzer won the match and was STILL the PWR Champion at the end of the show.

Chris Panzer wins

PWR Live: Resbak was great post-Wrevolution X show for PWR. Regardless of the hot and sweaty venue, it was still a memorable event. Kudos to everyone at PWR for making this event.

Event Photos by: Hub Pacheco and Jonathan Guillermo.

PWR Live: Resbak Quick Results

  • Pre-Show Match #1: Zayden Trudeau d. Vintend∅ via pinfall
  • Pre-Show Match #2: SANDATA d. Kh3Ndrick via pinfall
  • For the PWR Tag Team Titles: The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) © d. The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn) via pinfall
  • Ken Warren d. Koto Hiro via pinfall
  • The Network (James “Idol” Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III) d. Delirium (Dax Xaviera and Dan Ericson) via pinfall
  • For the PHX Championship: Chino Guinto © d. Peter Versoza via pinfall to retain the PWR PHX Championship
  • All Out War Match: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) d. Deadly Sinns (Vlad Sinnsyk and Mike Madrigal) via pinfall
  • Kapre Challenge: Trian Dela Torre d. The Apocalypse via pinfall
  • Crystal d. Bolt via pinfall
  • Ralph Imabayashi (w/ Rederick Mahaba) d. Jake De Leon via pinfall
  • 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the PWR Championship: Chris Panzer © d.
  • John Sebastian after defeating him 2–1 in the 2 out of 3 falls match