PWR Renaissance 2017 Results + Review

“We ain’t here to play!” — Kevin Nash to Eric Bischoff (WCW Nitro; June 10, 1996)

Trian Dela Torre vs The Apocalypse

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) made its mark at the Playland in Fishermall with PWR Renaissance 4!!! PWR was not in the mood play at Playland, but it sure was ready to put on some wrestling!

Dat Tarp Tho
Kakaibr0s take on Dax and Bolt!

Kakaibr0s (Kh3Ndrick & Mh4rKie) vs Dax Xaviera and Bolt

The once unknown and unnamed partner of Kh3Ndrick was revealed in this match and his name was Mh4rkie (though I wished his name was Jh0m4r for, y’know, reasons). The crowd had a blast as they came out to ringside with their custom tarpaulin. Kh3Ndrick and NOT Jh0m4r faced an equally interesting pairing of Delerium’s Dax Xaviera and Bolt! The Kakaibr0s were in control as they focused on dishing the punishment to Bolt. At one point Mh4rkie even did some foul move wherein he placed his hand in his pants and let Bolt have a whiff. In turn, the fans chanted “Salted Egg” to the Kakaibr0’s unique yet gross move.

Uh oh
The Br0s aint getting love from Naj

Dax finally got in the match and took out both br0s. Dax and Bolt won after Kh3Ndrick was caught in the middle of a leg sweep/flying kick combo.

Mic Check

Vintend0 vs McKata

The next match featured two of my favorite guys in McKata and Vintend0. McKata popped a brief promo to troll Vintend0 to have him rage quit before the match. Evenly contested match with McKata delivering some nice hiptosses on his opponent. Vintend0 cornered McKata and delivered his trademark E-Honda slaps. McKata avoided a corner attack and got the win with the blockbuster.


Post-match, a glitching Vintend0 shook McKata’s hand…but gave him a High Score chokeslam. It seems the fighting gamer has upgraded to the raging gamer.

Rederick Mahaba

Mahabang Usapan w/ Rederick Mahaba and Ralph Imabayashi

The duo of MTNH (Rederick Mahaba and Ralph Imabayashi) opened PWR Renaissance 2017 with “Mahabang Usapan”. Mahaba stressed that this was HIS show and that the audience were nothing but “watchers” or “non-doers”. I don’t know why but that part reminded me of a certain Andrew Savage (from Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Second Chances) said about acting like a wimpy little non-leader” (go to the 13 minute mark of the link).

Image from:
Mr. Sy: We got you an opponent…right HERE!

Mahba told everyone to respect him and his partner (HIS.PARTNER!) Ralph Imabayashi, who he felt was the future of pro wrestling. Before the Mahabang Usapan would continue, a literal ‘watcher’ known as Mr. Sy stepped in and told both of them that Mahaba will have a match, right now!

Rederick Mahaba vs. Zayden Trudeau

The Canadian Dragon planned to go 2–0 in his biggest challenge yet. Zayden wasted no time and gave Mahaba some swift kicks and strikes. Mahaba used his size and strength had the upperhand in the majority of the matchup. Zayden missed his mark from a springboard move and Mahaba swooped in for the kill. Mahaba literally got up Zayden’s face and locked in the Jaccolade for the submission victory.

Ralph Imabayashi would attack Zayden post match for a good few seconds. Soon, Mr. Sy announced that Rederick Mahaba will be a “watcher” and a “non doer” as he will be watching the main event via YouTube. Mr. Sy announced that Mahaba will be banned from ringside during the main event.

Deadly Sinns

The Deadly Sinns (Mike Madrigal & Vlad Sinnsyk) vs. Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn)

Back and forth matchup at the start and Mike Madrigal receive a lot of “Kupal” chants. Robynn pulled off the ‘bahala na si batman’ to lay out Madrigal, Sinnsyk, and a couple of young boys outside the ring. The Deadly Sinns would grab control for most of the bout as they isolated Robynn inside the ring. Robynn hit a DDT to Madrigal and made the hot tag to Martivo. Martivo was on fire and sent Madrigal to the corner for a little ‘twerk face’. The Man Doll with a double underhook suplex on his opponent before he had a near fall.

Mike: Yo uh…I wanna get this pin..
Not the kind of pin he was looking for

The Deadly Sinns almost got the win after Vlad dropped Robynn with a Muscle Buster. The Deadly Sinns took too much time talking and Robynn rolled up Madrigal for the victory. The Punk Dolls celebrated in the ring while Vlad and Mike looked stunned at their surprise loss.

John Sebastian

He Is NOT Chinese Jesus!

Former PWR Champion John Sebastian went ringside AND HE WAS PISSED! He went on the mic to blast Mr. Sy for keeping him out of the main matches for Renaissance. He reacted that he was not Chinese Jesus and he doesn’t even look Chinese. Sebastian reminded everyone that when PWR was in trouble, it was him who carried the company on his back to save Philippine Wrestling. Sebastian spewed a sarcastically accepted the crowd’s “Thank you”.

Brad Cruz

His surprise opponent came out all decked in shades and a maong jacket. The surprise man seemed familiar but..why?

Oh…THAT guy

Oh. THAT guy! He revealed his name to be Brad Cruz and..well..he’s got the looks. RING THE BELL, REF!

John Sebastian vs. Brad Cruz

Cruz took the former PWR Champion by surprise and took him down early on in the match with a DDT. Brad Cruz would then deliver a very unique people’s elbow on Mr. Sebastian for a near count. John Sebastian fought back and delivered a Senton splash for a near fall. The former PWR Campion hit Cruz with the Killshot to finish this bout.

An impressed John Sebastian gave Brad Cruz a post-match fist bump and raised his hand, only to hit him afterwards. He sent Cruz and a referee to the corner in the most painful fashion by the way. Sebastian tried to go to Mr. Sy but the young boy army caught him before he’d reach the table and escorted him out of ringside.

The YOLO Twins and Ken Warren
The Network

6-Man Tag Match: The Network (James “Idol” Martinez, Alexander Belmonte III, and PWR PHX Champion Chino Guinto) vs. The PWR Tag Team Champions The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) and THE Ken Warren

#TeamJacket vs The Network was on full display. However, the tension between Idol and Chino continued to brew as well. AB3 early on would take the lead and punish the Ollores Twins and Ken Warren. Idol got in the ring and delivered an assisted bronco buster from AB3 to their opponents. The Idol/Chino issue would rear its ugly head and #TeamJacket would keep AB3 on their side of the ring for the rest of the match with their constant tags. Belmonte III would crawl to his corner with Chino and Idol fighting for the tag, but the twins would pull the two out of the apron so AB3 would have no one to tag in.

AB3 finally made it to his corner and tagged in Chino who was ON FIYAAAAH~! He took down the YOLO Twins with a double blockbuster and then he hit the Gold Digger on Ken Warren. Unbeknownst to him, however, Idol tagged himself into the contest to get the cover. Chino pulled Idol off KW before they had a heated exchange of words. AB3 and Chino left the ring in disgust as Idol would try to put thing away with the Pay-In. Warren surprised the leader of The Network and rolled him up for the 1–2–3 as Chino and AB3 looked on from outside.

This don’t look too good for Idol
AB3 and Idol = Future Tag Champs?

#TeamJacket put on an Idol beatdown but Chino and AB3 got in the ring to stop them from a triple superkick on Mr. Martinez. The YOLO Twins and Ken Warren left the ring and watched on as The Network posed with their belts and seemingly were back on the same page. Or not???

Figthers 4 Hire
P to the V

Miguel Rosales (w/ Joey Bax) vs. Peter Versoza

Rosales got hot early and took the offense to PV. Peter Versoza used his innovative offense to fight back and locked in a bearhug on Rosales that kept the Fighter 4 Hire at bay. Rosales got back in the match with a superplex and welcomed Versoza to Barangay Suplex with a trifecta of German Suplexes. The fight spilt to the crowd and they got very close and personal. Rosales even tossed PV towards a fan at the front row and she got a face-full of Versoza.

PV on top

PV took down Rosales a few moments later and hit an impressive Houston Hangover for a 2 count. Miguel Rosales came back with a thunderous spear on Versoza! Rosales was about to finish things off when John Sebastian barged back into ringside and assaulted him and Bax with a kendo stick.

Rosales about t-omg is that John Sebastian?

Versoza and Sebastian continued the assault on Fighters 4 Hire post-match. PV and Sebastian tried to reach Mr. Sy (and Chino Guinto who was with Mr. Sy at the time), but were pulled away by the PWR ring crew. PV and Sebastian would continue the brawl with the Fighters 4 Hire until both teams were escorted from ringside.

2Feet ME
Apocalypse NOW!

The Apocalypse vs. Trian Dela Torre

TDT planned to go 2–0 (actually it would be going for 3–0 if you count Unfather’s day 6-Man Tag Match) against the Apocalypse. TDT took the early offense using his ‘height advantage’ to duck under Apoc’s offense and assault the masked man. The fight went outside where Apoc chased TDT around and knocked out some young boys and..wait..was that Frankie Thurteen?!

TDT led Apoc back to the ring and took him down momentarily. A very happy Midget Champion had an early celebration while Apoc was down. However, the Apocalypse sat up and began his rampage on Trian. Apoc lifted him for the Death Bell but he stopped midway and continued the assault. The referee was forced to disqualify Apoc after the masked mauler did not heed his words and gave this win to Trian Dela Torre (3–0 baybeeeeh!).

For the #1 Contendership: SANDATA vs. “Beautiful” Billy Suede

I may not be the only one that wrote this but, this was one matchup I’ve been looking forward to ever since Suede went to PWR. How would he and SANDATA match up? Well, look no further than this match. Both men took it to the other with some strong chops and kicks. SANDATA would stop Suede from the top rope and deliver an impressive frankensteiner from the top turnbuckle. Billy Suede surprised SANDATA after he kicked out of the “Ang Huling Bala”. The two would have an exchange of pins/rollups for a brief moment before they collide with SANDATA trying to deliver a knee and Suede with an enzugiri attempt.

Suede had SANDATA pinned but he placed his foot on the ropes yet again. The ref saw the foot on the ropes and paused his count. Mr. Sy went ringside and argued with Suede for using the ropes again, which would lead to SANDATA accidentally hitting Mr. Sy. Billy Suede used the distraction to roll SANDATA with a single leg crab for the submission victory.

Your NEW #1 Contender for the PWR Title

With this win, Billy Suede will face the PWR Champion at the next event. In his aftershock video, Suede had one very simple strategy going into his match.


Triple Threat Match for the PWR Championship: Chris Panzzer © vs. Ralph Imabayashi vs. “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon

The main event saw the PWR Champion facing two former PWR Champions in a triple threat contest. All three men tried to establish control of the matchup at the early going with their respective offensive arsenal. JDL connected with a cannonball on the PWR Champion, but he missed one on Imabayashi. Ralph made him pay for the miss and delivered a couple of crisp corner missile dropkicks on his opponents. Ralph had an abdominal stretch on Chris Panzer on the middle of the ring before the latter escaped. Imabayashi caught Panzer with a sitdown spinebuster and got a two count.


JDL returned to the ring while Panzer was locked in a grapevine by Ralph. Ralph Imabayashi would try to connect with a sonic crusher on JDL, but he would be a recipient of a double powerbomb from JDL and Panzer. A masked man rushed to the ring to assault Panzer and JDL with a steel tray. Ralph would be a recipient of a steel tray across the head after JDL avoided the hit. JDL would then unmask our mysterious assailant and reveal that it was Rederick Mahaba (who was ordered by Mr. Sy to NOT be at ringside for this match).


JDL and Panzer took the fight outside and dove off towards Ralph, Rederick, and the PWR ring crew. A dazed Rederick Mahaba was escorted off ringside while the match continued. Ralph and JDL countered their finishers in the ring until JDL caught Imabayashi with the Inasal lock! Chris Panzer got the pinfall victory after he delivered the Eagle Splash on both JDL and Ralph while the Senyorito had Ralph trapped in the dreaded Inasal Lock.

Panzer retains and yes he WILL defend the title against Billy Suede at PWR Live: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan this July 23rd, 2pm at Unilab Bayanihan Center in Pasig City. But before we go talk about the upcoming event, let’s break things down about Renaissance.

Venue: One of my favorite PWR venues yet. The only disadvantage for me, personally, is that it’s far from Mandaluyong and hard to commute to and from. I love the ringside atmosphere that this venue had for sure and I’ll miss it after I found out it will be demolished/renovated soon.

Match of the Show: The card may not be better than Wrevo X but it’s a tie between this and PWR Live: Mainit for my 2nd favorite show of PWR in 2017. My favorite match was the 6-Man Tag Team match. While SANDATA/Suede and the 3-Way Main Event featured damn gorgeous wrestling, the 6-Man Tag got that extra oomph with the story of The Network vs #TeamJacket and the Idol/Chino tension rolled into one match that gave it the slight edge over the other two matches for me.

Rating: Wait, I’m rating this now? How? Stars? Tekken Tiers/Sonsi Dishes (Hi Lance)? Naw let’s not. I’d say overall I like this show, made me happy on the inside, and that’s all that matters in the end…people feeling happy on the inside. :)

Don’t forget to check out my slightly groggy review of the show at Jobber Talk.

Photos by: Martin Vicencio

PWR Renaissance 2017 Results
+ Pre Show Match 1: Dax Xaviera and Bolt d. The Kakaibr0s (Kh3Ndrick & Mh4rckie) via pinfall
+ Pre Show Match 2: McKata d. Vintend0 via pinfall
+ Rederick Mahaba d. Zayden Trudeau via submission
+ Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn) d. The Deadly Sinns (Mike Madrigal & Vlad Sinnsyk) via pinfall
+ John Sebastian d. Brad Cruz via pinfall
+ Ken Warren & PWR Tag Team Champions The YOLO Twins (Yohann & Logan Ollores) © d. The Network (James “Idol” Martinez, Alexander Belmonte III & PHX Champion Chino Guinto ©) via pinfall
+ Miguel Rosales d. Peter Versoza via Disqualification
+ Trian Dela Torre d. The Apocalypse via Disqualification
+ “Beautiful” Billy Suede d. SANDATA via submission
+ Triple Threat Match for the PWR Championship: Chris Panzzer © d. Ralph Imabayashi and Jake De Leon via pinfall to retain the PWR Championship Title

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