Why Masternodes.online Why!!!!

Apr 7 · 2 min read

Today i am going to talk about Masternodes.online and the treatment of their own clients.

So some back story. GraphCoin <https://graphcoin.net/> a coin that started its life in Q2 of 2018 and is moving to be one the leading masternode coins in the space. Friday April 5th 2019 GraphCoin was notified that they have been moved to maintenance from Masternodes.online twitter on the Masternodes.online platform. They requested the reason for this and was told that due to the Collateral change of their coin they must pay a fee to have this updated and put their coin back into the main list of Masternodes.online.

Here is a small announcement from Core Developer of GraphCoin….

Notice the amount of money spent at MNO over the course of this year. Over $13,173.24 USD. This is a crazy amount of money for MNO to just say you pay us more or you will be unlisted.

From what i can tell this is the policy of Masternodes.online to charge for one simple thing and a few minor things…

If you are a coin dev and have recently been unlisted from Masternodes.online due to not wanting to pay this fee. Please feel free to contact me here on Medium to discuss what happened and help us get the word out about Masternodes.online and their unethical practice of charging this without informing the clients when they sign up.


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