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Consciousness is the brain projected to a new state of matter. So, consciousness must be a working system like the image of the brain. Since that brains were formed by a natural formula for natural systems, each part of the brain is reproduced into the consciousness system. So, we have the picture, the face of consciousness, but we don’t grasp its substance, then, we can not see it as a body. It is like a black hole. These are the temporary last conclusions from a different approach called Matrix/DNA Theory. We have the natural formula for systems, so we have the theoretical picture of consciousness and maybe we will get the ability to apply the force from consciousness upon matter before knowing its substance, like we do with light, energy, etc.

Another interesting issue here is why and how consciousness emerges in this Universe. Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting an explanation:

This Universe is the stage, the egg or placenta, where is occurring a process of genetic/computational reproduction of the unknown thing that produced this universe. The evolution of atom systems to astronomic systems to biological systems is obeying a vital cycle like the evolution of a baby shape to a child shape to a teenager… So, universal evolution ( cosmological + biological) is the evolution of a unique system that is changing its shapes, like humans does. If the theory is right, consciousness is merely a new and more complex shape of this universal system. Then, consciousness must being popping out at others regions of this Universe.

If the theory is right, it means that the principle of consciousness always was here, since the Big Bang. Like the principle of consciousness was present inside the embrionary sac of a new baby since the moment of fecundation. It was not manifested at morula, blastula, fetus shapes, it emerges only after 6 or 8 month after the big bang of a spermatozoon inside an ovule.Same process must be occurring in relation to this egg-universe. Then, our deduction just now is that the relation between brain and consciousness appears to be equal the relation between hardware and software. Our problem now is: what is the substance of the Windows software? Abstract information coming from Bill Gates mind, an external agent outside the machine? Since I don’t have enough knowledge about computers any comments here, we will be grateful…


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    Hi, I am the author of The Universal Matrix/DNA Of Natural Systems and Life Cycle Theory, and need your help for criticizing/testing the models. Sheers...