I solved this issue - what to do with my life, when suspecting that I am like a gene. From the Universe perspective, I really must be a gene. One million monkeys/genes self-projected themselves when building the human species genes and now, 8 billion humans genes are building a fetus of consciousness. I don´t know what characteristic of this fetus I am responsible for and which shape of being we are building… genes never know. I know that I am different from the other 7,99 billion humans in a tiny detail, and this detail is the genetic information I was built for doing my job. So, it seems the right way leaving the life carrying us on, our information will be expressed some way. But… there is a problem. There are genes that tries to escape out from its mission for getting a life of pleasure. This is the human going after his/her happiness. It is a selfish being turned into a closed system in itself. I can´t explain here, but this is a wrong choice with hard price to pay in the dimension of that fetus of consciousness. After this meaning of life I changed my behavior. I don´t care about big houses, expansive cars, beautiful clothes, nothing has value. I want only to discover new tasks that can help any human being to who poverty, oppression, etc., are avoiding them to be the gene they are, to build the characteristic they are modeled to. Doing it I fell happy because I am being useful to the great ex-machine target.

Hi, I am the author of The Universal Matrix/DNA Of Natural Systems and Life Cycle Theory, and need your help for criticizing/testing the models. Sheers...

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