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I think you have being wrong about the first cause of yours life problem. It is not about skin color, it is all about money,… and the human’s animal genetic inheritance. I had all these problems all life, but I am a white, blond and blue eyes. The first cause of all my problems? I grew as a homeless, in a third world country, in a city where 80% of population are white, from European origins. If in your face is written “black”, in my face is written “homeless”, everything you said I had experienced. The common ground between us is that “black are poor, no tradition of a strong family”, and “homeless are poor, no tradition of a strong family”. So, both are to be used as slaves. Thy exists for giving profit to those with strong families, for doing the dirty work. But,.. this is product of a millenary culture, 10 or 15 thousands years old. Its roots came from the jungle, the rules among our non-rational ancestrals. it is encrypted onto our genetics. For escaping from slavery, at 30 years old, I went alone to the middle of Amazon jungle. I learned very well the rules there, because the wild nature made a brainwash exorcising the 15 thousand’s human culture and turned me on a half-monkey, like the jungle’s assassin monkeys. For survival. That rule is shared in three social class, like all social systems created by humans — from monarchy to communism to capitalism, etc. They have the big predators — the big gats, the anacondas, the crocodile, the eagle,etc. which are our “high class”; the medium predators ( fox, wolves, etc), which evolved to our middle class; and the preys, which are us, I and you. There are supremacy at every country, every tribe, be it white, black, yellow. Because there are people which genetics has the tendency for being big predators, and people with tendency for being preys. Today, at this stage of evolution, the genetic charge is not playing the principal ruler upon this tendency that became psychology. It is the millenary culture, waiting the baby because it is carried on by the family. This culture was created by the most strong man in the tribe, around the fire, the biggest predator among humans and against humans, which could talking loudly than the others. They invented all things for keeping their territories and the preys working safely, transforming glass into meat for them. They invented religion because the prey got psychology. They enrolled the medium predators as their army, etc.

You will loose your time and energy fighting the wrong fight. It is all about money, power. The fear of the hard work for producing what each one need to consum. Our enemies are te vampires, suckong our energy, be them white, black, yellow. And it is our genetic inheritance that produced our psychology fo to be satisfied as prey, but, the principal is the millenary culture. They had interpreted the world, nature, reality everything wrong, and you believe in this world view. Go to my website ( The universal matrix of all natural systems and life’s cycles ) which is a new totally different interpretation of every natural fact and event, the thru interpretation taught by the true nature of the wild jungle. Where this fake culture collapses to our primordial origins, reaching our ancestral monkey state, feeling nature as it is, the meaning of life as it is. Everything is fake: the origins of life ( never had origins of something never existed before in this world), the DNA-code ( there is no code, but, merely, billions of variant copies of a system, the building block of this astronomical system that created biological systems here and so, us), there were no magical gods, no talking snakes, no Big Bangs, no abiogenesis, and there is no reason anymore for keeping this social system shared into those three class, because that system was good for animals, not for human beings going toward their transcendence. We, you, and me ( don’t matter your shape or color or sexual gender) need fight for exorcising the animal in our genetics and mind, fighting this culture, applying the economic boycott, don’t do business with them, because every time we work hard producing some goods, we are making the predators more strongers. You never will change the predator mindset with words or violence, they like violence, they are better in it than us. Boycot them, forget them, work the preys around us. Today, they are still preys despite their genetics having the three potentials, because they are enslaved by the culture, it is what choose the dominant genetic tendency at everybody.


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    Hi, I am the author of The Universal Matrix/DNA Of Natural Systems and Life Cycle Theory, and need your help for criticizing/testing the models. Sheers...