Dec 19, 2016 · 4 min read

The first finalized living thing was a system — a cell system. Systems must come from another system. In that primordial soup, among several ingredients, there were a unique known system — the atom. The evolutionary jump from an atom to a cell is impossible. So, it is imperative that there was another system in that soup. Or, there were spreaded parts of a system, which has self-reproduced as a cell. I — a born naturalist philosopher — went to Amazon jungle, escaping from slavery, and had survived there must part of time alone, for seven years, from 1980 to 87. The jungle is the hell, realizing a true brainwash clearing all civilization culture and reducing a person to a half-monkey. But, the good news is that the half-monkey “feels” nature in a new different way. I hold that feeling when came back to civilization and re-learned the cultural mindset. I remembered the old puzzle: what mysterious system was in that soup? Lol… it was a simple answer. The Sun is sending its bits-information throughout the light broken in photons. Photons penetrates the electrons and try to lead those atoms to recompose the solar system. But, the jump from a solar system to a cell is impossible. The mysterious system must be more complex. Then, I had a good idea. Comparative anatomy between the ancestrals (atoms and stellar system) and the final cell system. If I can projecting the similarities and the differences into a designer, the final design could be the mysterious system, the evolutionary link between living and non-living. We should calculate a middle term between the mechanisms of cosmological and biological evolution, also. Finally, I got the face of that link.

It is the Milk Way. Not exactly the galaxy, but the building block of galaxies. Which has same configuration and systemic functions as the building block of DNA. In another words, biological DNA is anything else than an evolutionary product of a kind of non-living ancestrals systems (atoms,stellar,galaxies). It is a universal formula for organizing matter into systems, a kind of universal matrix.

30 years after that result, I built all theoretical models, and trying testing them facing real natural facts, I have a collection of thousands of “evidences” and confirmed previsions. I don’t know any real proved fact or proved natural law that could debunk the whole theory.

Of course, I don’t “believe” that it is the “final truth of everything”. Due my hard life’s experiences I am an extreme materialist, naturalist, a skeptical in relation to my own brain’s productions. I am sure our little and poor brain, our blind vision, can not reach such level of knowledge. Later — about three years ago — suddenly I saw the same matrix formula emerging from the electromagnetic spectrum of radiations. It would means that the formula — the code for systems — is encrypted into any universal wave of light, like that emitted at the Big Bang. We can resume the entire circuit of a cell system in a complete wave of electromagnetic radiation, meaning that the wave is something “alive”!

I am a very poor man (still working hard for paying my bills)and with any kind of access to the academic world, be it universities, researchers, etc. I will dye with this big job unknown and this is my worst problem in this stupid life, because I am seeing several utilities in this new world view that could improve our evolution and in the right way for humankind, synchronized with nature.

So, I saw this website for researchers, and thought that maybe someone here would grasp the rationality in this whole theory and would like to talk about. I need the criticism of other people who appreciate this issue. The unique way I had used for trying the divulgation of this job is a website, called “ The universal matrix of all natural systems and life’s cycles”. But due missing time and my precarious conditions, I know that the website does not transmit the right and whole thing, then, I could completing it in this talking.

Every assertion of the theory is falsifiable because they are based on known and proved natural facts, enrolled as parameters. But I can’t do the lab experiments for proving the existence of that models. As said Eisntein — “One does not need to prove that his/her theory is the right one, only showing that it makes rational sense”. And I can convince you that any other woled vuew makes more rational sense than this one. There is no appeal to unknown things like magical gods or magical randomness. It is a universal history of 13,8 billion years following a unique chain of causes and effects. If it is the same natural history, is another thing, that only time and more data will reveal. Any help…? Remembering that You will be helping not me, but — if some novelty suggested by the theory can be applied as something useful — yourself and our next generations…Cheers…


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    Hi, I am the author of The Universal Matrix/DNA Of Natural Systems and Life Cycle Theory, and need your help for criticizing/testing the models. Sheers...

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