Macro Profiles Part 2: C

Carbs!! Such a dirty word! Carbs tend to be regarded as the bad Macro! The red headed step child of Macronutrients. (Sorry redheads) Carbs get a pretty bad rap amongst today’s more popular diets, and while they’re not my personal focus on this phase of my weight loss story. I still value their importance and what to learn more about them. This is part two of four of the Macro Profile series, Carbs.

Carbs are typical split into three categories; sugars, starches, and fiber. And in either of those forms the carbohydrate’s main goal in our diets are to provide energy. Carbs typically either get broken down into glucose which becomes energy, or transformed into fat to be stored as energy for later. (This is where most people see the problem with carbs! If you’re not using them, you do the opposite of lose them)

Carb intake Screenshot from Apple Health (iOS app)

Here’s a look at my carb intake from the past few weeks. No, there are a few days that I missed tracking but generally you can see so far I’ve been kind of everywhere. But I’ve mainly attempted to stick to a 35% Fat, 35% Protein, and 30% carbs. As I see where my body takes me I’ll recalculate my daily goals.

Carbs can also be split a little more simply. (This is how I try to think of them. There are good carbs and there are bad carbs. Good carbs tend to be single ingredient items; like nuts, almonds, vegetables, seeds and tubers! (Sweet potatoes! The bad carbs tend to have refined sugar in them. I bet you’d be able to guess but the bad carbs typically sugary drinks, white bread, and ice cream.

I personally try to avoid empty calories like some of these refined carbs. That was extremely difficult. The biggest win I had was when Devlynn began convincing me to try seltzer water in place of soda. Now, I can’t imagine not having a seltzer with lunch.

It’s all a process. You try one thing, if it doesn’t work, you try another. Or! You can just try them all. Your body is like an oil tanker, it takes a lot to move it one way or another. So I cants stress enough; try it. Just pick up where you are and start making more conscious meal choices today. 🤖

Sorry for the late post tonight! Work schedule snuck up on me, but it is indeed here! If you have any questions or just want to see more of Devlynn or myself. Find me on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram under @themattrebelo

Thanks again for reading! I’ll give this a once over in the morning with fresh eyes to make sure I didn’t mistype too frequently.