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September 19th, 2016

Matthew Rix returns with Mattrix Minute

Former A&R Director and Music Business success coach Matthew Rix, announced the third season of the highly acclaimed Music Business audio series “Mattrix Minute” on October 17th. The previous two seasons of the Mattrix Minute had unprecedented success with over 8 million sales and streams from over 35 countries, and quickly became the bible for independent artists to get proven strategies for success from the premier artist success coach. Matthew will release a brand new Mattrix Minute everyday (Monday — Thursday) and Friday he will devote to answering questions from Artists.

What’s being said about Matthew Rix?

“Great Advice! Real Talk!” — Devon Herrera (Watsonville, Ca)

“Before the Mattrix Minute I had no drive in my career as a singer/songwriter that was before I listened to him on Spotify.” — Cabarnes (Melbourne, Australia)

“I totally dismissed him as the positive thinking guy, but it’s clear from seeing the way that he works that that isn’t his thing. He’s the change guy and he’s certainly an impressive character. He seems to be able to do things that nobody can.” — Corevention (Blogger)

Matthew Rix spent over 17 years in the Music industry working for record labels as Jive/BMG, sub labels for Sony Music and Warner Brothers Records. Over the past three years Matthew. has been traveling the world speaking at conferences and coaching privately independent and signed artists to reach their highest potential in any area that is causing them a roadblock. In July of 2016! Matthew announced his Breakthrough Music Business Summits these one night only events will help condition artists for the road that is ahead of them. These events will be held in 89 cities and span over 13 countries and these events will be the same level of intensity and breakthrough that artists receive in private coaching sessions.

For more information on Matthew Rix and the Mattrix Minute, please visit MatthewRix.com or follow Matthew on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/TheMatthewRix

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