Destiny 2 ‘Seasons’ Official TwitchCon Panel!


Here we go.

One of thefirst game specific renditions of the blog going full steam ahead.

Here are a few notes that I found important and informative and crucial to the future of our beautiful game @Bungie ‘s @Destinythegame .

So here are some bullet points quoted and brought to you right from the live feed (which did not have a video play back archive):

The @DestinyTheGame panel highlight @twitchcon 
- D2 team to Live team hand over @RParadis_bng 
-Open coms with ea seasons planned 
-BIG changes & patches w ea SEASON
-3wk Events
-S2:The Dawning,easter eggs & ice hokey & snowball fights!

The Dawning Gear Slides
  • S2 gear to unlock and revisions to earning armor just for playing!
  • one more IB from season 1 before PC launches!
  • 1 more Faction Rally in S1!
Dead Orbit Concept
New Monarchy Concept
FWC Concept >.>
New Guns!
  • Ornament slots grayed out until you complete the objective
  • Existing armor to get flair for playing the game
  • Finish season collections before locked out (YES YOU WILL LOSE OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN ITEMS PER SEASON)
New emote replacing 6 shooter exotic emote!
  • Clarion Call and double xp for bringing your clan mates with you to complete objectives and missions
  • New ship launching with S1 the Dawning
Old Ship
The Dawning New Ship!
Season 2 ships to launch!
  • New S1 & S2 Sparrows & Ghosts (Dawning as well) & Shader
  • Shaders don’t ever go away! Deleting stacks of shaders coming soon! “on the radar”
  • Clans get reset each season, reach level 6 (max level) and earn in game staff
  • Clan engrams get revisions each season
  • Join Team Mavicorns

More news coming at Paris Games Week and Bungies next wave of livestream events!

All super exciting and an extremely positive answer to a bunch of comments/feedback/complaints. The Live team seems to be super hard at work and I’m so excited to play! Make sure to add me on Battlenet if you want to play on PC! CptMavSparro#1748 ! See you guys in game!


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