Why Are People With Slipped Discs Still Doing This?

Slipped disc symptoms can include pain in the back, or pain radiating down into the buttocks or down the legs (often called sciatica).

Lower back pain is said to affect 80% of the population*

Based on seeing thousands of individual patients we’ve noticed that in a lot of cases the discs in the lumbar spine will be involved or at least compromised.

But why does it only ever seem to one or two specific discs? In most cases where patients have slipped discs or some variation of disc injury, you’ll be told that its just being old and happens to most people. This doesn’t really make sense and perhaps there would be a reason for this which could be explained… And perhaps dealt with!

So Back to the point — the exercise that is always given by most practitioners. Knee Hugs. Discs normally bulge backwards putting more pressure at the back of the spine, this irritates nerves and causes inflammation and the pain/symptoms.

When you do the Knee Hug, this temporarily opens the space and eases pressure build up, causing the relief. However, you also shift pressure onto the front of your spine which isn’t a good thing, repeatedly, every morning, for months, or years.

Understanding why the discs have become injured and working to make changes and improvements that counteract disc pressure build up in every day life is the most effective way to help.

At The Mayfair Clinic we work to do this and provide our patients with more intelligent rehabilitation strategies that are rationally justifiable. This is also why we have a growing free-to-watch video library of rehabilitation for particular issues. Feel free to check it out and see if any of the videos help you!

Thanks for Reading,

Michael Fatica.

Co-Founder of The Mayfair Clinic.