Why Does No One Understand Spinal Stenosis?

Patients are often given this diagnosis but is it really a diagnosis. Often we see patients that have diagnoses like spinal stenosis or sciatica but actually don’t have the slightest understanding of what it means. And it’s not their fault.

Much like sciatica, spinal stenosis can be incredibly debilitating and affect everything from work & home life, to the ability to walk. Sometimes the causes of Spinal Stenosis can be quite severe and other times, more possible to reverse. But that is the important point. Things like spinal stenosis will have a cause that is sometimes very much treatable.

Stenosis can be caused by lots of things, and one of the more treatable conditions that could cause Spinal Stenosis would be a slipped or bulging disc. By definition, spinal stenosis means “narrowing of a bony canal”. A bulging disc that presses on a nerve will by definition be invading and narrowing the canal, therefore causing spinal stenosis.

The above example of a cause of spinal stenosis is in many cases very much treatable, and in the clinic we have a few pieces of specialist equipment for treating slipped discs. By definition, the resultant spinal stenosis too! So prospects are good.

Unfortunately there are other instances where spinal stenosis is caused by something such as a spondylolisthesis or spinal arthritis. In these cases it is actually bony growth which is narrowing the canal. Although we can help with reduction of symptoms, inflammation and pain often with great results, causes such as these are more “severe”.

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