Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer blew away the competition in 2016

It’s been a sensational 12 months for Britain’s leading engineering giant Dyson — and today the business’s financial results speak for themselves.

Led by CEO Max Conze the business enjoyed a whopping 45% boom in sales to £2.5bn in 2016, along with a 41% jump in profits to £631m.

Those impressive figures might not a surprise given the huge year Dyson has had, rolling out new products, hiring hundreds of staff and vastly expanding the size of its UK offices.

Dyson’s new Wiltshire campus.

A world class lineup

From Supersonic hair dryers to robotic vacuum cleaners, Dyson’s new products have been rolling off the production line at a rapid pace, with 12 brand new products over the past 12 months.

Its new hair dryer was a standout success, becoming the best-selling hair dryer in the UK after it launched and John Lewis’s second most-sold item in the run up to Christmas (only beaten by chocolate coins).

Around the world Dyson took off in 2016. Its Chinese revenues exploded by 244%, driven by sales of Dyson’s cordless vacuums, Japan grew by 30% and Korea doubled in size.

The engineering giant has also been on a hiring spree to continue its product development, using innovative Crystal Maze challenges and online easter egg hunts to find and hire the best and brightest.

In September it also launched Britain’s first engineering degree where students get paid to study.

And Dyson is making waves on the high street too.


One of the big new developments of the last 12 months has been Dyson’s push into retail, with the launch of its first store on Oxford Street.

“Our future is best understood by looking at the new Dyson Demo stores,” said Dyson CEO Max Conze, who took The Memo inside the design of the store earlier this year.

“They get people hands-on with Dyson machines to understand the intelligent technology inside. We will have twenty five flagship Demo stores by the end of the year including Fifth Avenue in New York.”
Dyson opened an innovative high street store on Oxford Street this year.

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With all that growth Dyson has needed some room to grow, that’s why it took the wraps of its beautiful newly expanded 56 acre Wiltshire campus in September.

It’s also why the group is investing £2.5bn in a brand new 500-acre campus in the Cotswolds.

Once open, Dyson’s UK footprint will have grown by 10x what it was last year.

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Dyson’s campus is home to cutting-edge research and design facilities, like this anechoic chamber that absorbs sound.

A global giant

Last year we said Dyson’s success showed that “Britain’s hardware prowess is looking brighter than ever“, today these bumper results prove it.

As we move towards Brexit (a cause that Sir James Dyson controversially supported), it’s businesses like Dyson that are leading Britain to a brighter future.

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