M&S launches laser avocados that millennials will love

We Brits love avocados.

Marks & Spencer sold 12 million of the fruit (yes it’s technically a fruit) last year, with sales rising by 29%.

No hipster cafe is complete without avocado on toast, and most young people will also admit having a penchant sustainable products, smart typography and technology.

With this in mind, Marks & Spencer just announced something every millennial will love:

Smart laser-labelled avocados that are eco-friendly to boot.
Laser avocados. Pic: Marks & Spencer.
Laser avocados. Pic: Marks & Spencer.

What’s going on?

As of this Thursday, the high-end supermarket will be ditching old-fashioned sticky labels; instead it’s going to beam product information directly onto the skin of its avocados.

The embossed markings will include best-before date and origin, and look suspiciously Instagram-friendly.

The move’s not only intended to be more cost-effective, but more environmentally friendly, potentially saving ten tonnes of paper and five tonnes of glue per year, as well as lowering the overall carbon footprint of the production process.

The fruit of the future?

The “cutting-edge technology” being employed by M&S may be a UK first, but it’s also part of a wider food sustainability trend.

Charlie Curtis, M&S fruit technologist, said the supermarket had been inspired by Swedish food brands a couple of years ago and “had to get involved”.

“We’ve been following it for a while and are so excited to finally be launching it on avocados,” Curtis said in a statement.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our business and the laser labelling is a brilliant way for us to reduce packaging and energy use.”

This isn’t the first time M&S has experimented with lasers. Previously it trialled a laser technique to mark its citrus fruit — but the move had to be ditched because it caused the skin to deteriorate.

“Providing all goes well with the avocado lasering, we could look at rolling the technology out to all sorts of other fruit and vegetables in the future,” said Curtis.

“We have the potential to reduce packaging exponentially which is very exciting. Watch this space!”

The avocado of the future is here. Food bloggers, have your smartphone’s at the ready.

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