Monkey business: Orangutans try out Tinder dating

Normally orangutans looking for ‘love’ do what comes naturally. They’re pretty chill creatures after all.

But one group of researchers has just changed all that.

Now monkeys seeking a mate are turning to the dating app Tinder.

No more monkeying around.

Orangutans do Tinder

Dutch zoologists are transforming the ape dating scene by launching a so-called “Tinder for orangutans”.

Now 11-year-old Samboja will get to select her own match through an app on a tablet, as part of an international breeding programme.

It’s hoped that the four-year service, being held at the Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands, will help increase the chances of the pair have babies — and boost the future population.

If successful, this could save thousands of pounds spent flying the species around the world to meet potential mates, and vital funds could be invested elsewhere.

The trial also serves as a part of an experiment into the role of emotions in animal relationships, and whether appearance itself is enough for attraction.

Orangutans are among our closest relatives, soon we’ll find out if they’re just as shallow.

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