These are the bonkers CV buzzwords to avoid in 2017

It’s January which, for many people, means rewriting their CVs and plotting a dramatic career change.

According to LinkedIn, this is one of the busiest weeks of the year to update your profile.

But, before you get scribbling, let’s take a look back at the most bonkers, meaningless buzzwords we fell in love with last year — the ones to avoid if you actually want to get hired.

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Buzzword bingo

LinkedIn has scanned some 21m UK profiles to rank the most-used words of 2016 and, unsurprisingly, most are totally meaningless.

Nearly half a million of us are ‘Specialised’, it’s the single most popular word on LinkedIn, followed by ‘Leadership’ (which has risen from the 8th most popular buzzword of 2015) and ‘Experienced’.

But buzzword №4 is probably our favourite, ‘Passionate’, followed by №9, ‘Enthusiastic’, because we couldn’t feel less passionate or enthusiastic about reading the millions of CVs that are filled with this generic management jargon.

“If you’re looking to grab someone’s attention, words which appear on hundreds of thousands of other profiles is not the way to do it,” says LinkedIn’s Darain Faraz.

Hear, hear.

LinkedIn’s top 10 buzzwords for 2016 (to avoid)

1 Specialised 2 Leadership 3 Experienced 4 Passionate 5 Strategic 6 Excellent 7 Focused 8 Creative 9 Enthusiastic 10 Successful

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