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The Future of Love

February, maybe unsurprisingly, is our exploration of love, relationships and sex.

We’ll be talking to Cindy Gallop, a leading light in the world of love, equality, and relationships.

As the days countdown to Valentine’s we’ll be exploring themes from digital dating and how technology is changing long-distance relationships, to the way virtual reality is tearing up the rulebook of the adult entertainment industry.

We’ll be meeting leaders in love like Cindy Gallop and VR porn entrepreneur Ela Darling.

Today we’ve already spoken with the team at Debrett’s on their tips for online dating etiquette, the founders of JigTalk (the ‘moral’ dating app), and explained why orangutans are on Tinder and the science behind love.

Later this month we’ll even be exploring the emerging love trends in Japan and China, and mapping out the data that shows our changing sexual habits.

To those looking for love we’ll also of course be getting to grips with all the latest apps and services on the front line of digital dating.

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