You’ll love Lego’s family-friendly Instagram just as much as the kids

You’re never too old to play with Lego, and now there’s a new social network to share your greatest creations.

Lego Life is like an Instagram for Lego — complete with a scrolling newsfeed of pics, profiles, and the ability to like and comment on other people’s wacky constructions.

There are even weekly building challenges, themed hubs around Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and Lego Ninjago, and tutorials on new creations.

Yes, we should probably mention, this is all designed for kids under 13… but it all just sounds so good.

Safer building

In order to keep little builders safe Lego has come up with some ingenious ways to protect kids on Lego Life.

Obviously all comments and pictures are strictly moderated, with automated filters and actual Lego employees who filter content.

But Lego has gone even further, there’s actually no real keyboard to leave comments, instead Lego Life’s keyboard only contains family-friendly emoji.

User names are assigned randomly with three-word names, like GoatBlendLearn, so there are no real names being used, and of course kids need parental approval in order to sign up.

The system will also detect if a child tries to upload a non-Lego face, like a selfie, and stop it from being posted.

It’s Lego-only kids.

While it won’t be easy for Lego to keep Lego Life 100% family-friendly, the company has certainly gone to lengths thinking through how best to keep little scamps safe.

Lego Life

Today’s Lego Life is just the start.

New features like uploading stop-motion video clips of your creations and a verified chat system for real-life friends are on the way.

Lego also plans for the app to be the hub for Lego Boost, the company’s programmable robotic range coming later this year.

If your kids love designing and sharing their marvellous Lego creations, this is the app to get.

And there’s nothing explicitly stopping eager builders older than 13 from joining either…

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