Once upon a time, raccoons were not primarily nocturnal. The first raccoon loved the Day and the Day loved her back.

But as one may point to the natural end of the story, eventually Raccoon would grow to love the Night more.

It was not the Raccoon’s fault — she just genuinely felt a deeper connection to the darkness within Day’s opposite. Mostly because they were able to recognize within each other a solemnity of which Day could never provide.

Day was also not a very good lover. Quite selfish, in fact.

While Day’s cheery disposition elated and excited Raccoon, it also brought its own set of restrictions — namely the need to engage whenever Day reared its head. Day demanded all of Raccoon’s attention, in spite of the fact that Homo Sapien seemed to want Raccoon dead when the two were together.

This was quite disconcerting for Raccoon.

When Raccoon and Night were together, it was much more comfortable and relaxed. It was like they belonged together.

Day and Night struck a bargain with Raccoon, in which they would split the time of their relationships in half. Meanwhile, Raccoon would have to give her full time to both.

This was quite exhausting for Raccoon.

Raccoon therein began to lose her zest for both relationships. It was not easy giving her full love to both…

And as is only natural…

Raccoon became drawn more to one over the other.

She loved Night more.

This broke Day’s heart.

Raccoon and Day had a conversation, where Raccoon revealed her…problems with their relationship.

Day did not take this well.

Out of anger, Day called for a “break” — thereby spiting Raccoon’s eyesight in the sunlight.

This act could not be undone.

Day apologized for the transgression, but Raccoon was so hurt, she hid in the arms of Night for some time.

The love between Raccoon and Night continued to grow, but something held back the full love that Raccoon could give…

Raccoon still loved aspects of Day. Namely, the promise of adventure…and to a point…danger. The thrill of being able to frolic among aggressive life.

And Day missed Raccoon desperately.

Therefore, a momentary truce needed to be had — an intervention if you will, between the three parties. Night initiated it.

The first lunar eclipse allowed Night, Day, and Raccoon to arrange the relationship on better terms and to share grievances.

Day was far too needy, and Night was too disengaged at times.

Day would have to allow Raccoon plenty of time to rest, as Raccoon could only truly enjoy their time together if she was rested…

And Night would get to have all of Raccoon when Raccoon desired (it should be noted that Night was slightly lazy).

But at least Day and Raccoon would have just enough time to spend together without becoming tired of each other.

Night was happy with the arrangement.

Raccoon was as well.

Day…accepted the terms that it could not have the one it loved fully. This pain has never been fully quelched, nor will it ever. The scars remain from this wound that will never heal. And at times, the pain is unbearable.

That is why Day will occasionally weep uncontrollably.

Raccoon would never feel whole again.