A message to you: Find yourself

Your path is your path

It’s not said enough in business and life: it’s OK to find yourself.

We are often sold the framework: 
 Grow up. 
 Go to school. 
 Keep going to school
 Get a job. 
 Save your money.
 Be sure to stay in your lane.
 Pick a team and fight for them.
 Find value in certain things and shut down everything else

I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before. People have been saying this since the birth of culture. I’m just reminding a few people who need to hear it right now: It’s ok to take a break from society to find yourself.
 Take a risk
 Talk to strangers
 Listen to your heart
 Take some psychedelics 
 Get in touch with emotions
 Educate yourself on your chakras
 Return to life where you know the moon cycles
 Discover a way to love everyone and the life you’ve been given
 Find yourself

This advice isn’t for everyone.
But it’s here for those who have been seeking it.