You’re a wild paradox


I just wanted you to know that you are sooooo special!
No other living creature in the history of time shared your POV and your full understanding of the world! You’re radically different and special from the way you help others, to the way you come up with jokes, to the way you wipe your ass. No one has or will be exactly like you!

Soak that in for a moment: YOU ARE SPECIAL!

And I need to also let you know: You are also NOT special.
There are 7.5 gajillion people and even more animals, insects, birds, and other creatures. You share the planet and its resources with everyone living now, and all those who will walk the earth well after you kick the bucket.

Now soak that in: YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL!

So keep that in perspective when you’re cruising through your day. Enjoy life. Think about your footsteps and spread some love! You will never know how special you are, and you’ll never comprehend how insignificant you are!

Live in harmony and c0-exist with all that is great in the world!