[Webinar] Business Planning Made Easy: Earn Higher Commissions and Become a Trusted Advisor

If you have been around the financial services world long enough you know that business planning cases often have much larger premiums than simple death benefit sales.

What makes it difficult to enter the business planning market?

The process is complex, and it requires a lot of knowledge.

Business owners can be difficult to reach, and when you do, their time may be limited. In one of our previous blog posts we mentioned 3 methods successful advisors use to connect with business owners. We want to take that a step further.

What do top advisors talk about with business owners and how do they bring them value?

While the answers to that question vary there are a few consistent themes. One of those central themes is: TIME

Over and over, we hear from high-end producers that business owners are too busy to take the time to plan for the future of their business. In an environment like, this starting simple is often best.

You know that most business owners are planning to use their business to fund their retirement and most of them do not have an accurate value for their business. Getting an accurate valuation for their business is an essential part of successfully planning for the future.

It is also a great place to start a business planning conversation because you can offer the business owner this very valuable, and often expensive, service for free.

Everyone likes getting value for free.

In our next Retirement University webinar, we will address how the best advisors move through the business planning process.

Whether you are an old pro, a rookie, or somewhere in between you will find value in this webinar because it will equip you with the following:

  • Overview of the Business Planning Process
  • Understanding of How to Start the Conversation
  • Numerous Ways to Help your Clients
  • Tools to Make you a Hero

Next steps:

Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, July 28 at 10AM EST.

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Originally published at The Milner Group.