Add a little confetti to your day

~by Miss Nicolina

This morning I took little man to school, we always walk.

It was cold and windy (typical August weather here) but the sun peeked out from behind the clouds just enough to throw shimmery patterns through the wind-blown trees.

He chatted away to me about everything and nothing and I listened and quietly marveled at how much he’s learning every day and how much I love hearing his happy talk.

We hugged a hundred times before he went into class and said our ‘I love you-s’. He even wanted to do our ‘touch noses’ that I thought he had grown out of. Secretly I loved that he still wanted to hang with me before school.

Walking back, the cockatoos and parrots were all celebrating the sun, flying between trees and singing. The clouds skipped across the sky, moving fast and playing tag with each other.

Usually I huff and puff a bit climbing up a couple of the hills and through the fields, but not today. I didn’t even feel the usual pull in my lower back from the walk. No pain. All I could see was beauty all around me and I felt happy.

This is my confetti.

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