My 21-Day Tribute

Day Eight

~by Miss Nicolina

I feel like I’m scaling a huge precipice. I want to get to the top because I BELIEVE that what I will see will be worth it.

The journey itself is hard, loose rocks that make me stumble and a strong wind that sometimes threatens to blow me off the path, but I persevere.

At times, the traverse up this slope is lonely. I do have faith in myself but the climb would be easier with company. I find it so hard though to ask for help.

Luckily, I have found one who will walk with me.

When I feel tired, he encourages me to keep going. If I’m not sure which way to go, he offers direction. Most of all he holds my hand the whole way and I trust him with my safety, with my life.

What I wonder though, is who else will journey with me?

I want to share this experience and take everyone with me to the top and beyond. But I guess that will take trust from others in me, in where I’m going and what I believe in.

I believe in people. People who share their knowledge and experience openly. People who create opportunities for others without needing reward. People who say what they mean and people who act.

These are the people which whom I want to journey; who I want to build a future with.

Are you coming with us?

All my love,

Nicolina XOX

>> Stay tuned as this story unfolds.

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