Modafinil , my love

I love you Modafinil. IT is the winner’s drug.

No. I am not ADHD or ADD. Nor I suffer from Narcolepsy.

Modafinil improves productivity for a small amount of Rs. 5.

I purchase it from a standard medicine shop. They sell the medicine as Modalert 200.

One tablet costs to me around Rs. 10. I take only half of it ( 100mg ) so I get it for Rs. 5. Much better than a cup of coffee which dehydrates the body a lot.

It lives in my brain for at-least 14 hours.

So the best time to take it is in the morning 4am. ( I know most people can’t get up so early , still 7 am is the last you can afford. )

So here are my tips to maintain productive on it :

Eat sufficient food / breakfast before taking it. Otherwise there is a big pain in the stomach, probably because of acidity.

Write in a dairy whenever you take one. This will help you keep track of the amount that you are taking and at what time.

Before taking it , decide what activity that you wish to complete. This is important, otherwise you may find yourself scrolling on twitter or watching Youtube endlessly with ultimate focus. :P

Do not read. Yeah this one is for me especially. Any kind of consumption on Modafinil will make you sad. It will make you sad for enjoying music, drinking alcohol or for reading a lot of bullshit. Remember that it’s a winner drug.

It’s for producing work or activity not for consuming things. It can help you produce more work. But if you really want to consume more, you can smoke weed. That shit is for losers bro.

It can be addicting. This may be because Winning is addictive :)

Tendency to workout may increase so do schedule a gym somewhere during the day ( though it will not improve the workouts )

Social anxiety will get suppressed ( temporarily ). But again, most of the people are losers and do not do any work. When they see you producing quality work or winning, they get attracted like ants to pot of honey. Your ability to lie will increase. You will be able to convince people with lies will increase but you can also become more emotional. So be ultra careful with this drug.

Heart rate may increase. This has also happened a lot to me. ( Maybe this one is totally unique to me, who knows )

You may feel bliss. Especially in the morning and meditating and on Modafinil. Thus morning is totally the best time to take it.

You are free to mix it with coffee ( with care ). But not with alcohol. It’s not exactly a party drug.

Drink lots of water. Do not care if your urine smells like Modafinil for some time. Believe me it stays in your body for a lot of time even if you feel a lot of it has flown out.

Be careful. That’s all folks. :)

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